Story Of Wasted Money

Regarding “‘Jews Are Still At Risk’” (June 21): The story of teaching the Holocaust is a sad story of wasted money. Those who were able to give testimony either were ignored or too traumatized to tell their story. Another factor was that those in charge to select what would be valuable many times lacked knowledge… Read More


Bravo to Maayan Jaffe on her informative article about One Israel Fund and its efforts to protect and nurture Jewish communities in Judea and Samaria (“Can’t The Jews Have One?” June 21). Indeed, Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley, as well as Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, played a central role in Jewish history and, accordingly, are… Read More

Marc Listens

Congratulations to Marc Terrill on the occasion of his 10th anniversary as president of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore (“On The Marc,” June 14). While he has greatly influenced the Jewish community and changed lives near and far, the reach of his leadership extends deeply into other communities. There have been numerous occasions… Read More

Congratulations, Marc!

On behalf of the entire board and membership of the Edward A. Myerberg Center, I want to congratulate Marc B. Terrill on an exceptional 10 years as president of The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore (“On The Marc,” June 14). The positive growth and success of our Jewish landscape are apparent everywhere one goes…. Read More

That’s Why

“When I arrived in Israel and the guide said ‘welcome home,’ I was initially confused. … Hours later, ‘I got it.’” And he continued to “get it” for the next nine days. I loved the perspective written by Jacob Shapiro (“From This View,” June 21). And that is why I contribute to Birthright! Gayle Becker… Read More

Have The Conversation

What an encouraging article (“Fusion of Faiths,” June 21). As you know, Messianic Jews have generally been considered outside the Jewish community, even though we’ve maintained all along that we are Jews. We follow Torah, we celebrate the holidays, our services are on Shabbat, our children have bar/bat mitzvahs, Israel is our land, etc. Yet,… Read More

Mashiach Can Die And Return

Despite what many have maintained, the assertion that if a proposed candidate for Mashiach “dies” before he fulfills the necessary and sufficient conditions to complete his mission, only to “return from the dead” to finish them , he can no longer be “The Redeemer” is not according to Judaism (“Fusion of Faiths,” June 21). And… Read More

No Sense Of Alarm

Did “Fusion of Faiths” (June 21) seem to acquiesce to missionary attacks just to get a rise out of the community? … I have spoken many times to Ruth Guggenheim of Jews for Judaism about spiritual predators like Chosen People Ministries, and I never caught a hint of acquiescence from her. In your article, she… Read More

All Jewish Denominations At Risk

Kudos to Maayan Jaffe for her recent article “Fusion of Faiths: Can Jews believe in Jesus?” (June 21). The article points out the strong allure of Messianic Judaism to Jewish youth as something new and exotic, while also relating how Messianic Jewish donors can obtain significant influence in mainline Jewish organizations through hefty contributions. There… Read More

Only Hashem Can Send Mashiach

Your excellent thought-provoking article by Maayan Jaffe, “Fusion of Faiths: Can Jews believe in Jesus?” (June 21), presented many questions. As Ruth Guggenheim, executive director of Jews for Judaism said, “We, as Jews, totally accept that there are multiple ways to believe in God.” I agree, but unfortunately some people do not share this same… Read More