Szeliga’s the Choice

I am disappointed but not surprised that once again the JT has put liberalism in front of qualifications and Democrat Party loyalty ahead of America and Israel. You accomplished this by putting Rep. Chris Van Hollen ahead of Del. Kathy Szeliga in your endorsement (“Van Hollen for U.S. Senate,” Oct. 21).

You attack Szeliga for supporting Donald Trump as if it were the most important issue facing America. Let’s look at what she really said, that we have two very flawed candidates, and like most Americans, she feels a need to pick one, and she is picking the one who will  oppose Obamacare and its job-killing results. She will oppose allowing a pathway to a nuclear Iran. She will support Israel. She will support law enforcement. She has consistently called out Trump on the carpet for his words and thoughts. But in spite of Hillary Clinton’s many misdeeds, Van Hollen has never said that she makes mistakes, not even in Benghazi or with her email.

But what do you claim to like about Van Hollen? “He crosses party lines,” you say, but the truth is that he votes with his party more than 93 percent of the time and votes the liberal line 90 percent of the time. We know that he’s more liberal than she is conservative. Van Hollen has been a loyal supporter of Obama, and that’s fine if you’re a liberal. I am not a liberal, and not all Jews are.

Perhaps you should just be more honest and say that liberals who oppose America and Israel’s national security should support Van Hollen, but the rest of us should go for Szeliga.

A Rising Star

Congratulations to Jennifer Robinson for being spotlighted by the Jewish Times (“You Should Know,” Oct. 28).  Jennifer represents the very best of the oft-maligned millennial generation, demonstrating strong  loyalty to family and dedication to her professional growth and satisfaction.

Jennifer pitched the idea of a young professionals group to the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce as a mechanism for up-and-coming young professionals to network and support each other in their growing careers. The Chamber was thrilled with this concept and enthusiastically supported her suggestion as a way to reach out to and support these future leaders of our community.  As previously reported by the JT, the Young Professionals Chamber Group’s kick-off event was held on Sept. 26 with more than 50 people in attendance; the next event is being planned for early 2017. Details can be found on the Chamber’s website at

Journalistic Malpractice

Basic principles of journalism dictate that a paper’s editorial position be based on accurate facts and should fully consider all relevant issues. Both of these principles were violated by the JT in editorials published on Oct. 21

In “Preparing the People for Peace,” the JT claims that since the Oslo period, Israel has done “nothing more” to pave the road toward peace.  This shockingly ignorant and patently false statement ignores the peace proposals extended by Israel in 2000 in Camp David, in 2001 in Taba and in 2008 by Prime Minister Ehud Olmert; Israel’s 2004 dismantling of 21 Gaza Strip communities and four West Bank settlements;  Israel’s release of thousands of Palestinian prisoners; the 10-month freeze on construction in the West Bank enacted by Israel in 2009; and Israel’s current policy of limiting construction to areas that are fully expected to remain under Israeli control in any final agreement.

One can argue that more should have been done, but for the JT to editorialize that nothing has been done is a  flagrant distortion of the  historical record.

In “Van Hollen for U.S. Senate,” the JT cites Chris Van Hollen’s “history of sensitivity to and support for issues of interest and concern to our community” as the basis for “enthusiastically” supporting his candidacy.  The JT’s review of that history completely omits Van Hollen’s steadfast support for the Iran deal, certainly one of the most high- profile issues of recent interest and concern to our community.

Given the fact that the Iran deal has neither eliminated the Iranian nuclear threat nor  deterred Iran from continuing to fund terrorism, crush internal dissent and pursue its ballistic missile program, the JT committed journalistic malpractice in failing to even consider Van Hollen’s support for the deal in rendering its endorsement.

If the JT expects its editorials to have any influence and command any respect, it will take immediate steps to ensure that errors of the sort contained in the Oct. 21 editorials are never repeated.

Hillary? Seriously?

In the JT’s Oct. 14 Opinion page endorsement of Hillary Clinton for president, you said that she has an “even temperament.” However, according to former Secret Service agents, she is known to have thrown plates and dishes at husband Bill more than once while she was first lady.

You called her a “left-leaning centrist,” yet she has stated she’s in favor of a one-world government with no borders, as proposed by George Soros, the largest donor to the Democratic Party.

You stated that she has  “experience to face foreign leaders.” Who created the vacuum that paved the way for the creation of ISIS? Who made a deal with Russian President Vladimir Putin to sell many of our uranium mine companies to a Russian company that sells uranium to Iran? You call this “experience”?

She is the only presidential candidate in history to have been criminally investigated, and had there not been a “fix” in place, she would definitely have been indicted.

As a supporter of Israel, how can the JT justify supporting her when her foundation got millions of dollars from terrorist countries bent on the destruction of Israel?

I can understand you not wanting to endorse Trump, but why endorse anyone, when both are unfit?

No Go on Endorsement

Since when did the Jewish Times become a political publication (“Hillary Clinton for President,” Oct. 14)? Everyone who subscribes is not a liberal Democrat, and I am personally offended that my subscription money is being used to promote Hillary Clinton. The Your Say letters of Oct. 28 (“Clinton Corrupt,” “Clinton a Liar”) said it all, and I hope that it wakes up some Jews who think it is a crime not to vote Democratic.

I have been a subscriber since 1954 and have enjoyed all of the Jewish information and articles, but I will never read another word.

Biased against Trump

Regardless of who each of us is voting for, it is irresponsible to blame either candidate for the kind of people they attract. That is why we were very surprised to read your article claiming anti-Semitism in Donald Trump’s campaign, even though he has never been instigated for it or condoned it (“Report Cites Anti-Semitism in Trump Campaign as Factor in Hateful Tweets,” Oct. 28).

It seems far-fetched that  a grandfather of Jewish grandchildren who are raised strictly religious with his blessings would condone anti-Semitism. Moreover, in the same report, the JT has quoted his representatives as denying and condemning it strongly; yet, you still insisted on bringing it up.

We feel that the JT is very biased and will use anything  at its disposal to promote its candidate.

Clinton a Liar

When are you liberal Jews going to wake up?

Hillary Clinton is a liar and has been taking millions of dollars from the U.S. and Israel’s enemies. She gave $150 billion to Iran to spread terrorism. And what is the purpose of having open borders and allowing in hundreds of thousands of illiterate people from all over the world who have no intention of becoming Americans and are only here for the free handouts or to cause harm to America and Americans? Can someone explain this to me?

This woman has promised to raise taxes. Promised! Are you so fond of paying for people who don’t work, paying for their housing, food, medical care and everything else the Democrats can think of to give away with your money? Are you blind or just stupid? Are you so happy with the way Obama has run this country — Black Lives Matter, the assassination of police, ISIS?

Hillary is going to be four more years of this disaster. Are you better off now then you were eight years ago? If you say yes, you are either a liar or just plain ignorant of what is going on in this country.

I take personal offense at a supposed religious magazine pimping for this hateful, corrupt person (“Hillary Clinton for President,” Oct. 14).

Clinton Corrupt; Trump a Leader

It has been obvious that the Jewish Times has moved to the left politically by ignoring  issues that are important to the Jewish community. By  endorsing Hillary Clinton (“Hillary Clinton for President,” Oct. 14), the JT has ignored the candidate whose policies are in favor of Americans in general and Jews in particular.

Clinton was and is in favor of the horrendous Iran deal that the Obama administration made, which Israel is  totally against. As far as Clinton’s experience, let’s take a look: The whole Middle East is in shambles, and her — and Obama’s — policies have put us at major risk. Look at Syria and the Russians.

While secretary of state, four Americans died in Benghazi, including an ambassador. While secretary of state, Clinton had her own private server in her basement, where classified documents were not protected. And even after a subpoena was issued for her to hand over her emails, she had many of them deleted.

There is experience, and then there is bad experience. She is the epitome of a corrupt politician who has broken so many laws for which any regular American would be in jail if he or she had broken just one of them.

Let’s look at Donald Trump, who the JT says is unqualified. However, he wants to make America great again, and he plans to rebuild our military. This is major. He plans on  taking care of our veterans who have been ignored by the Obama administration. He plans to revise our tax code to create more jobs, including bringing billions of dollars back that large corporations have taken to foreign countries.

He wants to temporarily put a ban on immigrants that we cannot vet from countries that are likely to immerse terrorists into the refugee population.  He wants to build a wall on our Mexican border so that we can keep out illegals who are taking American jobs and who are costing our country millions in school and hospital expenses.

Trump is a leader. Let’s make America great again.

More on J Street

I did not read the JT’s Sept. 16 editorial “J Street Crosses the Line,” but I do have remarks on Dr. Robert O. Freedman’s Sept. 30 letter on the subject.

Contrary to what much of the media reports, little if any construction is in expansion of settlements. It is additional construction within already existing settlements. These  settlements are fully legal by international law.

Even if it were expansion, the settlements are not the barrier to a two-state solution or to peace between Israel and the Palestinians/Arabs. If that were true, there would have been peace prior to 1967. The obstacle to peace is that any Jewish presence in the Mideast is unacceptable as per Hamas, Hezbollah, Abbas, etc. See any number of quotes by them.

As for Freedman’s claim that a majority of American Jews oppose settlement expansion, I have seen surveys and polls that point both ways on this. A definitive claim cannot be made one way or the other.

J Street apparently lives by a philosophy of giving land for peace. One needs look no further than the Gaza fiasco to see how false that is.

Milsten: Dedicated, Honest

Barbara Pash Milsten

Barbara Pash Milsten

We were saddened to learn of the passing of Barbara Pash Milsten (“Barbara Milsten: Baltimore’s Best,” Oct. 7). We knew Barbara as a dedicated journalist. She was always  interested in getting the facts straight and reporting the news in an unbiased and honest way. She was tough at times but always fair.

Barbara was a fixture in our community, and her career spanned decades as she worked for a variety of media outlets. To each one, she brought integrity, dedication and professionalism. Her efforts kept our community informed on a wide range of issues.

We know too that Barbara was dedicated to her family, and we extend our condolences to them. She will be missed not only by her family and friends, but by everyone who worked with her and knew her.