Rabbi Landau Gets It Right

Kudos to Rabbi Chaim Landau for his March 3 column “Are Female Rabbis a Threat — or Is It the OU?” I have never read a more comprehensive summary of what defines the Orthodox Union today. The archaic, narrow-minded mentality to which Landau refers has, sadly, alienated the rest of the Jewish community for decades… Read More

Columns’ Fake Facts

Both of the March 3 “From This View” columns, “Dancing on a Volcano” by Evan Tucker and “Are Female Rabbis a Threat — or Is It the OU” by Rabbi Chaim Landau, suffer greatly by using fake facts as premises for their leftist-leaning conclusions. For example, Tucker states: “The center didn’t hold because the right… Read More

A Grandmother’s Pride

It was with much pride that I read the JT’s “Soldiering On” (Feb. 17) about those from outside of Israel who serve as lone soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces. My pride is in the fact that my grandson, Tzvi Rotenberg, served as a lone soldier in the IDF after completing his studies at Yeshivat… Read More

Shocking! Raskin Opposes Trump Nominee

Wow! How surprised I was to read that Congressman Jamie Raskin opposes nominee David Friedman as U.S. ambassador to Israel (“Nothing Diplomatic about an Ambassador Friedman,” Feb. 17). Being a member of the Democratic Party in 2017 means he would have to oppose every single one of President Donald Trump’s nominees. One wonders if he… Read More

We Help Because We Are Jewish

I am a proud immigrant and Holocaust survivor who is wholly committed to the expansion of the role of HIAS (“HIAS Should Return to Its Roots,” Feb. 24). During the Holocaust, the United States and other countries shut their doors to millions of innocent people. Instead of finding refuge, they were murdered. Our community has… Read More

Trump: Baal Shem Ra

I heartily applaud and echo the Feb. 17 Your Say letters of Buddy Sapolsky (“Respect for Others”) and Howard Kahn (“Surviving Trump”). Both, however, lacked any conspicuous Jewish — let alone Judaic — optic to their criticism of America’s Tweeter-in-Chief, a glaring omission in a Jewish communal publication. I am delighted to remedy that lacuna…. Read More

H. Klaff and Co. Deserves Recognition

As members of the Hettleman family, we enjoyed reading about our family history in the JT’s Feb. 3 cover story “More Than Junk … It’s Scrap!” However, we discovered a glaring and significant omission in the article. The fact is, no article about the history of the scrap industry in Baltimore can be complete without… Read More

Surviving Trump

I am ashamed and disappointed for my country electing a depraved sociopath as our president (“The Great Divide,” Feb. 10). I pray for my country that we survive his reckless narcissist temperament in a volatile world. I know the election is over, but we and the press have to keep the protests going and hopefully… Read More

More Than Just ‘Mere’

“The Great Divide” cover story (Feb. 10) characterizes Ruth Goetz as a mere “registered  Republican.” In point of fact, she is a Maryland GOP state  official, being a member of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, representing District 2. A huge (quoting Goetz’s godol) difference.

Respect for Others

Several weeks ago, I was having one of those great conversations with my son, daughter-in-law and 11-year-old grandson. We covered a range of subjects including sports, movies, the state of the world and, of course, politics. It was one of those special moments for me, realizing that everyone was capable of carrying on such an… Read More