Where Are JT’s Pro-Israel Articles?

Again, the JT is flying its ultra-liberal colors by running an article on something called Jewish Voice for Peace, which must be some kind of spinoff of J Street (“Jewish Voice for Peace Converges in Baltimore,” March 20). JVP seems to have had its annual convention, which drew about 200 people, in Baltimore. I would… Read More

JWRP: Project for All Affiliations

In response to Sol Edelman’s “Your Say” letter of March 27, I would like to share his concern that we, the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project, were represented as an Orthodox outreach organization in the JT’s “United Through Motherhood” (March 20). He felt that it was misleading, I totally agree. It is misleading and not true…. Read More

No Guilt Here

“Eating the Matzoh Diet” (March 27) provides us with two recipes and a host of information regarding alternate Passover foods. I was advised in the article to consider eating alternate Passover foods with the following in mind such as “fiber content, nutritious options, protein, healthier choices, liquid calories, antioxidants, gluten free and vitamins.” I will… Read More

Rabbi Buchdahl: A Great Draw

I read with interest your article on why synagogues such as Temple Emanuel have lost members (“Congregational Evolution,” Feb. 20). In Temple Emanuel’s case, perhaps it’s because Rabbi Gustav Buchdahl retired. He was a great draw, his sermons were intelligent, and he was witty with great speaking ability. I never heard the present rabbi, so… Read More

JVP a Voice for Hate

Jewish Voice for Peace is neither Jewish, nor a voice for peace (“Jewish Voice for Peace Converges in Baltimore,” March 20). Nor is it progressive, as the article describes it. JVP is nothing more than a hateful organization dedicated to the destruction of Israel, fronted by a small number of Jews with little or no… Read More

Palestinians to Blame for Lack of Peace

Maybe Jewish Voice for Peace should change its name to Jewish Voice for Appeasement (“Jewish Voice for Peace Converges in Baltimore,” March 20). Peace will come when the Palestinians realize that endless unacceptable demands will not get them anywhere. A Palestinian state has been offered on several occasions, most recently by former Israeli Prime Minister… Read More

Wiesel Not Above Criticism

Stuart Sachs would be well advised to actually read material before attempting to criticize it (“Your Say,” March 20). As one letter noted, Wiesel does not “own” the Holocaust, so for Sachs to declare him its holy incarnation is nothing short of idolatry. And even if there was such ownership, it would bestow upon him… Read More

Judge Wiesel by His Company

Pirkei Avot counsels aseh lecha rav; we are known by the company we keep. With whom does Elie Wiesel make it a point of palling around in public (“Your Say,” March 20)? There is casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who is on record as being hostile to democracy, Shmuley Boteach, and “King Bibi” Netanyahu, best-known recently… Read More

Outreach Mission Got Buried

In the March 20 local news item “United Through Motherhood,” why was it not noted until the 10th paragraph that the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project is an Orthodox organization, and one devoted to outreach at that? Why was this fact not highlighted upfront, at the outset? Sadly, such is the sort of deceit and misleading… Read More

The Muslim Reality

Joshua Runyan’s column “A Matter of Survival” (March 13) misses the reality of the situation. Ten percent of the Muslim population of 1.4 billion believe in the radical Islamic theology and believe in Muslim supremacy and world domination. There is no hope of dialogue or accommodation with this increasingly violent segment.