Blinded by the Left

There are many of us who detest the bashing of our president, the lies foisted upon his every action (“Still Their Man,” Sept. 1). We don’t speak out as much as we could out of fear of negative retaliation. The left has the voice today. Freedom of speech is gone. It turns out that Antifa… Read More

Still in Shock

This is directed to my Jewish brothers and sisters who still unequivocally support Donald Trump. Given the recent events of Charlottesville, Va., I am still in shock by the response of the president (I cannot even refer to him as our president) that multiple sides were responsible for the chaos that occurred. We have one… Read More

Do Jews Have a Dog in This Fight?

It is easy to dismiss the Confederate statue issue as one for personal engagement or not (“Jewish Baltimore Stands with Charlottesville,” Aug. 18). Some may say the issue of symbols is much to do about nothing. But consider how you would feel about a statue of Hitler in Wyman Park, and the intensity of symbols… Read More

Unite against Neo-Nazis

Some members of my family died in the Holocaust. We escaped it, thankfully, to America, to a land of freedom, not to a resurgence of Nazism. Jews and all others must not let this vast and profound incitement to deadly hatred steamroll over us (“Jewish Baltimore Stands with Charlottesville,” Aug. 18). We must respond by… Read More

‘Send the Bill to God’

The JT’s captivating article “The Ship That Launched a Nation” (July 28) was fascinating. I would like to add some personal information that occurred during the effort to retrofit the ship. Much building material was needed to accomplish this task. One day, my beloved father, Benjamin Kolker, was sitting at his desk at the Maryland… Read More

Bad Legislation

The ACLU is not wrong, and it should keep doing what it has always done to protect our civil and constitutional rights (“When Passions Run High,” Aug. 4). Congress, on the other hand, is wrong to trade our rights for favor with special interest lobbyists. The anti- boycott legislation is just another attempt to bludgeon… Read More

Honoring the Geneva Conventions

In the Army, I was trained to honor the Geneva Conventions. I expect my government to do the same. Israel and the United States signed the Geneva Conventions, and in the fourth Geneva Convention, article 49 says a it’s illegal to transfer civilian population onto military-occupied territory. It’s very clear, Israeli squatters are in violation… Read More

Credit to Gruber

Let’s give credit to the extraordinary Ruth Gruber, who as foreign correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune raised awareness of the journey of the refugee ship Exodus 1947, the plight of its passengers and its American crew and the violent British response (“The Ship That Luanched a Nation,” July 28). Her real-time articles changed… Read More

Kudos for Bedwell

As a longtime member and a student of Baltimore Clayworks, it is my obligation to take offense to [executive director Devon Powell’s] characterization of Deb Bedwell (“Clayworks’ Conundrum,” July 14). Deb led Baltimore Clayworks for 32 years. She is known for her dedication and work internationally. She is bright, articulate, respected and sincere. Of course… Read More

‘Bizarre, Unbelievable’

Where to start (“Clayworks’ Conundrum,” July 14)? First, any executive director who has such disdain for his colleagues and the community he serves that he would use the f-word to describe a beloved founding member is only displaying his own arrogance and hostility, deadly attributes that cannot be sustained in a leadership position. Secondly, although… Read More