Share the Road

As president of the Lonsmen Motorcycle Club, I would like to express our club’s appreciation to Jewish Times reporter Susan Ingram and photographer Stuart Dahne for such a wonderful, well-written and documented article, “We Ride” (Oct. 6). Susan and Stuart were very professional, and we applaud the JT for projecting a positive light on those… Read More

Stronger Together

Managing editor Marc Shapiro’s Sept. 29 “Opening Thoughts” (“Don’t Put Judaism in Boxes”) was right on target. It is tragic that so many Jews look down on other Jews because their interpretation of Judaism and religious practices are different. This brings to mind the vexing question of who is a Jew? What can you practice and… Read More

Touching Tribute

This was my first year attending the tribute to Ira Weiner (“Jewish Policeman Remembered at Annual Memorial,” Sept. 22). A great job by everyone involved. Rabbi Chesky Tenenbaum made everyone feel relaxed, and he performed a touching service. Not being Jewish, I felt like family. I will attend every year that I physically can make… Read More

More Tikkun Olam

Wow, thank you Leslie Ebert (“Your Say,” Sept. 22) for putting in words what I was thinking after reading Bill Fox’s “Trump a Racist? No Way” (Sept. 15). As Jews, we have always stood for compassion, generosity, education and justice throughout our world. We need more tikkun olam.

Appalled by Defense of Trump

I was shocked, appalled and deeply saddened to read Bill Fox’s From This View article (“Trump a Racist? No Way,” Sept. 15). I can easily dispute everything said by Mr. Fox. I found it utterly frightening to see the neo-Nazis, skinheads and the Ku Klux Klan with burning torches shouting “blood and soil,” an anti-… Read More

What’s the Big Deal?

We have a Seasons here in Lakewood, N.J., but we also have several other kosher markets and a few smaller groceries (“The Xanadu of Kosher Food,” Sept. 1). They are competitive, but all are doing very well. No one has a monopoly, but all strive to supply our community with fresh foods and excellent service…. Read More

Great for Pikesville

As chairman of the board for the 1000 Friends of Pikesville, Inc., I join our president, Howard Needle, in expressing our delight and gratitude over the action taken by the governor and Sen. Bobby Zirkin in taking this critical first step (“Hogan Announces Pikesville Armory Commission Chaired by Zirkin,” Sept. 8). We are honored to… Read More

Critical Legislation

As a strong supporter of increased security funding for institutions that may be at risk for hate crimes or attacks, I was very pleased to see the JT’s “Jewish Institutions to See More Security Funding” (Sept. 1) highlight the important piece of legislation the Maryland General Assembly passed in our 2017 session. One of government’s… Read More

Blinded by the Left

There are many of us who detest the bashing of our president, the lies foisted upon his every action (“Still Their Man,” Sept. 1). We don’t speak out as much as we could out of fear of negative retaliation. The left has the voice today. Freedom of speech is gone. It turns out that Antifa… Read More

Still in Shock

This is directed to my Jewish brothers and sisters who still unequivocally support Donald Trump. Given the recent events of Charlottesville, Va., I am still in shock by the response of the president (I cannot even refer to him as our president) that multiple sides were responsible for the chaos that occurred. We have one… Read More