Story on Clapman Was Well Deserved

Arnold Clapman and I go back 70 years, when we were classmates at The Talmudical Academy on Cottage Avenue (“The Many Lives of Arnold Clapman,” June 19). In classes together from kindergarden through City College ’57, his artistic talent was evident and amazing early on. But more important was his warm personality and easy smile…. Read More

Proud to March

Thanks for covering the march on May 1 organized by the Baltimore United for Change of which Jews United for Justice (JUFJ) is a proud ally (“Protests and Peace,” May 8). JUFJ’s participation in the march was the largest progressive Jewish demonstration in Baltimore that we’ve experienced as longtime members of the Jewish and activist… Read More

Local Pols Need to Show Leadership

In their letter to the JT (“Gov’s Decision Slams Book Shut,” June 5), Delegates Hettleman, Morhaim, Rosenberg and Stein and Senator Zirkin — all Democrats — blame Republican Gov. Larry Hogan for the failure to increase textbook funding to nonpublic schools by $4 million as proposed by the General Assembly.  However, given their years of… Read More

What’s Wrong with This Picture?

Combining the June 12 JT’s “Triple Crown Jockey Sought Help from Higher Authority” (The Seen) with Rachmiel Gottlieb’s Your Say letter, “American Pharoah and Jewish Law,” yields an interesting question. As Gottlieb noted, the Fourth Commandment says that a Jew’s livestock, as is Ahmed Zagat’s horse, is to rest on the Sabbath. By competing in a Saturday race, the horse,… Read More

Count Blessings We Have Levinson

I am writing in response to the JT’s June 5 cover story “The Cost of a Dignified Burial.” At a certain point, the article seemed less about Jewish funerals in general and more an opportunity to focus on our local Jewish funeral home. I regularly provide rabbinic support to Sol Levinson & Bros., and there… Read More

Israel: A Trip Worth Taking

The picture of the young man in Israel (our grandson) that was included with the JT’s May 29 story “Dollars and Sense” was outstanding. It shows reflection and dedication, and it is wonderful that our young people have the chance to visit there. We hope all the students who have visited — or will visit… Read More

American Pharoah and Jewish Law

The JT’s June 5 editorial “The Crowning Glory of American Pharoah” describes owner Ahmed Zayat as “… deeply religious, observing Shabbat even on the days his horses race – he apparently stays with family and friends in hotels near race venues, arranges catered kosher Shabbat meals and walks to the races – is a testament… Read More

Abolish Amtrak

Reading the JT’s article on the Amtrak disaster (“Dreams Derailed,” May 22) saddened me. I have been a severe critic of Amtrak and the way it does business since the late 1980s. Any passenger who rides Amtrak is taking a serious risk in terms of his/her safety. Would you believe that from the time I… Read More

Fox Is Good News for Israel

Steven Weissman in his Your Say letter (“Israel Doesn’t Need Fox News,” May 22) comes to an incorrect conclusion. Fox News is the broadcast news outlet that is the most supportive of Israel both in its regular news presentation and with its daily commentators. Fox News constantly has guests and regulars on its programs who… Read More

Gov’s Decision Slams Book Shut

Many thanks to Marc Shapiro for his coverage of the 2015 Maryland General Assembly session (“Lawmakers Look Back on Session,” May 22). One item of importance to many in the Jewish community is a program that provides aid to nonpublic schools for the purchase of textbooks and computer hardware and software. Begun under the Glendening… Read More