Why No Mention of Rabbi Essrog?

How could the JT publish a long article about the history of Beth Israel Congregation (“A Labor of Love,” Nov. 25) without once mentioning the late Rabbi Seymour L. Essrog? Isn’t that Rabbi Essrog in your picture, wielding a shovel as “Beth Israel members and clergy break ground at the congregation’s then-new home on Liberty… Read More

Be Wary of Democratic Party

The next presidential election in 2020 will be the pivot point for Jews (“Rabbis on Trump: ‘We Have to Stand Up for Civil Liberties,’” Nov. 25). We have always voted for Democrats, but in the next presidential election, circumstance will be very different. The Democratic Party continues to veer toward socialism, radicalism and extremism. Its… Read More

No Harassment

Why would customers be troubled by Trump supporters (“Trump Supporters at Goldberg’s Trouble Customers,” Nov. 11)? Trump supporters were handing out political materials to people passing by. It is standard operations before an election to encourage voters to support their nominee of choice. The Trump supporters were not harassing people, and they did not express… Read More

JT Story ‘Biased’

I was very disappointed to read the JT’s biased and untruthful “Trump Supporters at Goldberg’s Trouble Customers” (Nov. 11). I was there canvassing for Dr. Mark Plaster along with the Trump supporters and truck. There was absolutely no antagonizing patrons going on, and, in fact, none of us involved ever made contact with any of the… Read More

No Confidence in Media

The media, including Jewish newspapers, have published many articles about the alleged anti-Semitism of Stephen Bannon, President-elect Donald Trump’s chief strategist, but are silent about the checkered history of Keith Ellison, the leading candidate for the Democratic National Committee chair (“A Divisive Result,” Nov. 18): > that he was a defender of Farrakhan and his… Read More

Democrats and Palestinians

When you vote for a presidential candidate, you also vote for his or her party (“A Divisive Result,” Nov. 18). Many influential leaders in the Democratic Party support the Palestinians and want to push Israel back to the pre-1967 borders. Many want to prosecute Israelis for war crimes. Many support the boycott, divestment and sanctions… Read More

Dems Ignored Too Many

The Democratic Party has reinvented itself. It was the party of the working poor and middle class. But now it has become the party of the African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, LGBTQs, radical left-wingers, socialists, disenfranchised, anarchists and so on. The Democratic Party pandered to these groups and recruited them into a rainbow coalition determined to advance… Read More

Job Well Done

In response to Joshua Runyan’s Nov. 11 Opening Thoughts (“Thank God, the Election Is Over”): A degree in journalism and speech from what was then Syracuse University’s School of Journalism and School of Speech and Performing Arts didn’t result in my pursuing either of the fields except indirectly, but I can appreciate the quality of… Read More

Got Trump Where He Belongs

Whether or not I appreciate the JT’s coverage of the presidential election remains to be seen. But was it really necessary to put Donald Trump’s picture on the Nov. 11 cover? It will, however, fit perfectly at the bottom of my bird’s cage.

State Says No to Voter Intimidation

Voter intimidation is prohibited by federal law, as Joshua Runyan pointed out in the JT (“Getting Out the Vote,” Nov. 4). It’s also prohibited by Maryland law. Flyers were distributed in predominantly black and Hispanic neighborhoods urging people to vote on the Thursday after Election Day in 2004. They also  implied that you couldn’t vote… Read More