Less Hope for Two-State Solution

It’s bad enough that Obama allowed and reportedly encouraged the recent U.N. resolution against Israel. Adding to the damage was former Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework for peace. Notably, he called for reparations for Arab refugees from the Arab-Israeli conflict, but said nothing about the greater number of Jewish refugees. Kerry alluded to Israel’s security… Read More

Give Trump a Chance

I am ashamed and disappointed in the way many of my fellow Jews are acting with regards to the swearing in of our new president, Donald J. Trump (“Groups Ready for March on Washington,” Jan. 13). This is not the Jewish way. Yes, we all have the right to protest, but what are you protesting… Read More

Stop Talking About Race

I am scratching my head as to why the Jan. 20 editorial, “Woodmont Not Playing its ‘A’ Game,” brings up President Barack Obama’s race when the issue Woodmont had with Obama was simply his lack of support for Israel. This seems to be a common theme of the liberal left media — making race an… Read More

Support for Woodmont

I was very surprised to see the Baltimore Jewish Times take a negative position toward the Woodmont Country Club’s stance against President Barack Obama (“Woodmont Not Playing its ‘A’ Game,” Jan. 20). The one-two punch of the Iran deal and the U.N. vote has cemented President Obama’s legacy as the worst president in Israel’s history…. Read More

Thank You, Chief Johnson

Over the past 12 years, I have had the honor to interact with an accomplished public servant, Baltimore County Police Chief Jim Johnson. What impressed me most during Chief Johnson’s 12-year tenure was that the Baltimore County homicide rate was one-tenth that of Baltimore City, violent crime was consistently down to record low levels, and… Read More

Rabbi Not Required

The brouhaha over Rabbi Seymour Rosenbloom’s stand on interfaith marriage is based on “fake news” — namely, that you need a rabbi to officiate at a Jewish wedding (“The Jewish Future,” Jan. 13). The Hebrew Bible only prohibited intermarriage with the seven Canaanite tribes; it was Ezra the Scribe who — unilaterally, autocratically, with no… Read More

Embarrassed by Remark

We are concerned about some of the generalizations made in “People of the Book?” (Jan. 6) by Evan Tucker. Regarding Jews, he states: “We’re difficult people at the best of times. At the worst of times? I don’t need to tell you.” We are embarrassed by such a remark because of its gross characterization of… Read More

Spector: ‘Watch Me!’

I want to thank Justin Silberman, David Stuck, Joshua Runyan, and the JT for their kind thoughts, great photos and words of praise for me. Our people say, “Even a rich person likes a present,” and I truly, truly appreciate your gift. I know everyone knows about the terrible carjacking incident, and I am so… Read More

Are We True Supporters of Israel?

In response to “BJC ‘Profoundly Disappointed by UN Resolution” (Dec. 30), media coverage of the U.S. decision not to veto Resolution 2334 has underemphasized two important points: > President Barack Obama’s decision was, in fact, not at all unprecedented. Under President George W. Bush, six U.N. Security Council resolutions critical of Israel passed without a… Read More

Saddened by Deli Closing

I was quite shocked and saddened to read about Steve’s Deli (“Just Like That, Steve’s Deli Closes Its Doors,” Jan. 6).  I tried to go there on Dec. 28, the day after the closure, and thought it was closed only for the week between the holidays. I enjoyed going there, and Steve Saval was always… Read More