Empowering Women, Girls

Thank you for recognizing the leadership transition at the Jewish Women’s Giving Foundation in your June 2 issue (The Community Page). I take exception, however, to the photo caption’s misleading lead-in, “Ladies Who Lunch.” At our Closing Luncheon we celebrated the collective accomplishments of our 110 members who came together to provide more than $140,000… Read More

A Rosewood ‘Insult’

In the JT’s “Board of Public Works Agrees to Sell Rosewood to Stevenson” (June 16), it was written that Rosewood was a place “where generations of developmentally disabled people were reportedly abused and neglected.” This is an insult to the devoted and dedicated employees who worked at the center for many years. There were cases… Read More

Funeral or Not, Levinson Is There

great many in the Baltimore Jewish Community don’t realize what a wonderful institution we have in Baltimore’s own Sol Levinson & Bros., Inc. Enjoying a monopolistic positon as the only Jewish funeral home in the Baltimore metropolitan area, it is in a position to charge exorbitant fees and show very little compassion for its clients…. Read More

Common Sense Required

In “Legislators Vow to Overturn Larry Hogan’s Paid Sick Leave Veto” (June 2), the JT outlines contrasting positions on paid sick leave. As a small-business owner, I would like to shed some light on the facts of the paid sick leave legislation that has passed the House and Senate in Annapolis and sits on Hogan’s… Read More

Don’t Trust Kamenetz, Almond

Please do not get too excited about Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and Councilwoman Vicki Almond’s announced plan to revisit the Pikesville Commercial Revitalization District (“County to Reassess Pikesville Commercial District,” May 5). This is not the first time Kamenetz has been involved in allegedly trying to upgrade the Pikesville commercial district. During his multiple… Read More

Trump Abroad

According to Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, President Donald Trump “pressured” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to renew peace negotiations during his trips to Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Tillerson didn’t disclose what kind of pressure it was, and Trump never publicly disclosed his vision for Middle East peace. In fact, Trump… Read More

An Outrageous Cut

The White House just released a national budget that includes extreme, unprecedented cuts to foreign aid. Congress must say no. Here is just one of the many things on the chopping block: the chance for millions of children to achieve their simple dream of — and their right to — an education. With a staggering… Read More

Kushner a Slumlord

According to the May 23 issue of The New York Times Magazine, even though thousands of people in Baltimore know that Jared Kushner is Trump’s son-in-law, many city residents might not know that he is also the owner and stakeholder of JK2 Westminster Management, LLC. JK stands for Jared Kushner, and his company owns thousands… Read More

More Meat

Regarding the JT’s May 19 cover story, “Kosher Evolution,” you now can add to the list Atara Foods, which is bringing to the community Atara brand meat under the Star-K and Tender brand meat. The latter is hindquarter Beit Yosef beef under Mekor Ben Haim supervision.

The Threat Within

This country has been good for us, and we have prospered (“When You’re Here, You’re Family,” May 12). We are safe and integrated into society. But one of the ironies is that this has enabled many Jews to drift and be absorbed into society and gradually lose contact with their roots and brethren. Others choose… Read More