Face the Facts

Does the JT actually believe a piece of paper is going to stop the Palestinian madness (“A Trump Peace Plan?” Dec. 1)? Has land for peace ever worked? That’s a “No”! So why don’t we stop with these nonsensical fairy tales and face the facts. The only fact is that the PLO (or whatever it’s… Read More

Peace? Not Likely

Everyone is delusional! There will never be a peace plan that the Palestinians will accept unless it subscribes to the 1967 borders (a nonstarter for Israel) and the ultimate destruction of the Jewish state, which is the goal of the Palestinians, Hamas, Iran, Hezbolah, etc. (“A Trump Peace Plan?” Dec. 1). As Abba Eban said,… Read More

A Shameful List

In the aftermath of Thanksgiving, let’s talk turkey (Hebrew: tachlis). If Democrats (Bill Clinton, John Edwards, Al Franken, JohnConyers) are more prone to sex scandals (“And Now, Al Franken,” Nov. 24), then the initials GOP, which once stood for Grand Old Party, now stands for Gaggle of Pedophiles. It is a sad mesorah (tradition) extending… Read More

Outdated Campaign?

I applaud Wendy Miller’s call for community engagement (“From This View,” Nov. 17). One slight, nagging concern: The piece identifies her as “the 2018 Women’s Campaign chair for The Associated.” In this era of aspirational — if not dispositive — gender equality, why does such a thing as a “women’s campaign” even exist anymore? Back… Read More

Good Decision, Baltimore County

For the record, the Baltimore County School Board vote to close schools during the Jewish High Holidays (“Baltimore County Schools to Remain Closed on High Holidays,” Nov. 10) has been ongoing for almost four decades from the time our newly formed Reisterstown-Owings Mills Chapter of B’nai B’rith petitioned the county board of education to follow… Read More

Kamenetz’s Conflict

The JT’s article about Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz (“Annapolis Ambitions, Nov. 10) spoke about his Jewish background, as he described himself as a “practicing Jew.” Yet, the article failed to mention that his administration is being sued in federal court by a synagogue for religious discrimination. Separately, a church, also in federal court, is… Read More

Solutions to Gun Violence Are Out There

More than 30 years ago I was a young staffer in a domestic violence shelter helping women and their children flee their violent abuser. I witnessed firsthand the power of a gun woven into the tragic tapestry of family violence. And even then, when as a movement we were still trying to understand the mindset… Read More

Honor Our Veterans…and the Earth

Although we honored our military on Veterans Day (“Veterans Day Events Honor Jewish Service Men, Women,” Nov. 10) with wonderful programs, I was appalled at the event I attended by the use of non-disposable materials such as Styrofoam cups and plastic bags. You don’t have to believe in global warming to acknowledge that the use… Read More

Thank You, JT

My husband, Morton Weiner, and I were interviewed by Erica Rimlinger for the Nov. 3 Beshert column (“After 72 Years, a Lifetime Commitment That’s as Strong as Ever”). I wanted to thank you for using almost the entire interview in the magazine. And I also want to acknowledge the very warm and professional way Erica… Read More

Letter Misses the Point

Aisha Khan’s letter addressed to Baltimore County School Board members (“Your Say,” Oct. 13) pleads for keeping Baltimore County public schools closed for the Jewish holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and for the Muslim holidays of Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Fitr to “be honored and acknowledged in some way in the school calendar.”… Read More