Pesach’s Heroes

We owe a debt of gratitude to the tireless work that our women do to prepare the house for Pesach. Every year, I find myself saying that I don’t know how they do it. But we also owe a debt of gratitude to the many other people in the chain who help us get everything… Read More

Zirkin’s Fact Is Fiction

I was surprised that Sen. Bobby Zirkin responded to my column describing his record during the 2017 General Assembly with a discursive 1300-word treatise that veered into unrelated and false ad hominem attacks and misinformation about his policy positions. Zirkin opens his column with the totally false claim that my employer, Open Society Foundations (OSF),… Read More

For Zirkin, Details Matter

In his “From This View” column on March 31 (“Bobby Zirkin Doesn’t Represent Our Values”), Evan Serpick states that “Zirkin led the fight against paid sick leave,” which is untrue. Does Zirkin strongly believe in paid sick leave for employees trying to support themselves and their families? He absolutely does, but not in its current… Read More

BDS Is More Like BS

I would like to respond to those, especially Jews, who have recently written to the JT in support of the BDS movement, which sanctions strangling the economy of Israel and silencing pro-Israel speakers to show support for those deemed Palestinians. To the BDS supporters, I say, let’s ignore the truth. Let’s discount the Jewish people’s… Read More

District 11 Lucky to Have Zirkin

The first thought that comes to mind while reading Evan Serpick’s “From This View” column, “Bobby Zirkin Doesn’t Represent Our Values” (March 31), is that a grudge from high school shouldn’t be the basis for attacking one man’s extensive professional career. I have come to know Zirkin over the past several years while battling hydraulic… Read More

Zirkin Represents My Values

It is amazing that a grudge from 28 years ago has blinded “From This View” writer Evan Serpick (“Bobby Zirkin Doesn’t Represent Our Values,” March 31) from understanding the important role that Sen. Zirkin has played in Maryland politics over the last 20 years. As a constituent and a Jew, my core values are represented… Read More

Zirkin: Effective, Thoughtful

I believe that Evan Serpick’s March 31 “From This View” column (“Bobby Zirkin Doesn’t Represent Our Values” ) — which cherry-picks a couple of issues that he claims are representative of Sen. Zirkin’s legislative work — requires such a response. I arrived in 2007 to the Maryland General Assembly as a member of the House… Read More

Proud to Call Zirkin a Colleague

I take strong exception to the JT’s March 31 “From This View” column by Evan Serpick, “Bobby Zirkin Doesn’t Represent Our Values.” To the contrary, Zirkin represents our values and our community very well. I could provide a long list, but here are a few reasons why state Sen. Zirkin is an excellent representative: >… Read More

JT Omits Jewish Agency

In the JT’s Feb. 17 cover story “Soldiering On,” there is no mention of the Jewish Agency, even though we are the only IDF-authorized agency in this space (  and jewish program/1341). Same with the JT’s “Naale Gives Students an Elite (and Free) Israel Education” (March 10). This is the second time that articles… Read More

Misguided Energy

I was disappointed to read about the anti-BDS bill (“An Impassioned Debate,” March 10). The energy that Jewish institutional advocates like the BJC and JCRC are putting into this bill, especially at a time of escalating acts of anti-Semitism, Islamophobia and racism, is a profound betrayal of the Jewish people and our values. Do they… Read More