Surviving Trump

I am ashamed and disappointed for my country electing a depraved sociopath as our president (“The Great Divide,” Feb. 10). I pray for my country that we survive his reckless narcissist temperament in a volatile world. I know the election is over, but we and the press have to keep the protests going and hopefully bring sanity back to our government in the near future. America has been great and is still great and will remain great if we can survive this administration. We need to call out for change starting with the next mid-term elections.

More Than Just ‘Mere’

“The Great Divide” cover story (Feb. 10) characterizes Ruth Goetz as a mere “registered  Republican.” In point of fact, she is a Maryland GOP state  official, being a member of the Baltimore County Republican Central Committee, representing District 2. A huge (quoting Goetz’s godol) difference.

Respect for Others

Several weeks ago, I was having one of those great conversations with my son, daughter-in-law and 11-year-old grandson. We covered a range of subjects including sports, movies, the state of the world and, of course, politics. It was one of those special moments for me, realizing that everyone was capable of carrying on such an intelligent, thoughtful discussion and that, in some small way, I was responsible.

Upon reflection, I realized why my contempt for Donald Trump was so pronounced (“The Great Divide,” Feb. 10). I understand that people will disagree on many things politically, and I think I have the ability to respect and understand others’ opinions. That said, everything I have tried to instill in my family in terms of values and how you treat others is the antithesis of what I hear from our president on a daily basis. Respect for others, particularly those who may be different from you, is just one critical example of what we as Jews want to convey to our kids.

How can I explain to my grandson why our president talks in such a demeaning way about women, people with disabilities and those desperately trying to escape violence and horror? How can I explain to him that telling the truth, being a good winner and not being a braggart are values we hold dear, but not our president? I know what my responsibilities are as a father and grandfather. I hope and pray our president will someday understand his responsibilities to all those he influences.

Fight the Threat

Regarding “Give Trump a Chance” (Jan. 27),  I realize that Z. Lois Madow wrote the Your Say letter soon after the presidential inauguration. I hope by now that Madow has seen enough of what a Trump presidency is like and is truly horrified about what is happening in our country. We have many people (immigrants and Muslims, for example) who are now living in fear. Our freedoms are being severely threatened. I ask those who voted for Trump and those who did not vote for Trump — Democrats, Republicans and independents — to stand up to the impending threat to our way of life. We may disagree on policy, but I hope that most of us agree that we need to protect all that makes America the great country it has always been.

Dirty Business

Regarding “Seasons Next Season?” (Feb. 3), it should be noted that for close to three years, the store’s owners have poked the community in the eye by their inconsiderate allowance of the debris that continues to clutter their frontage. Given that everyone knows that it is, or will be, a kosher establishment, it is an example of chilul HaShem by reinforcing the age-old negative stereotype of “dirty Jews.” I had communicated with their corporate office requesting that they clean up their act to no avail, nor did they have the courtesy to respond. I understand that they have ignored numerous code violations as well.

While there is no question that another kosher food market would be a welcome addition to our area, being a good business neighbor is an essential prerequisite. One wonders that if a corporate entity has such disdain for the community by allowing such a prominent eyesore to exist, how much confidence can one have on their dedication to maintain a clean and healthy facility when it eventually opens.

A Whale of a Tale

Thank you for “Hebrews on the High Seas,” Jan. 27. This fascinating article brought  together many bits of information that I was aware of with some fascinating new facts. This is one of the best JT articles I’ve ever read. Kudos!

Step Up for Jewish Students

The BDS movement is exploding on college campuses for many reasons (“Fighting BDS on America’s Campuses,” Jan. 20). Colleges have become hotbeds of left-wing radicalism, and the current cause celebre is supporting the Palestinians and Hamas, one of the most vicious Islamic terrorist organizations. Even the prior administration had to brand Hamas a terrorist organization. Hamas has the destruction of Israel as a stated goal in its charter. Hamas and ISIS encourage terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians. And on 9/11, Palestinians celebrated and danced in the streets. Yet, we continue to support them.

For those of you who remember your college days, how many times did pro-Palestinian rhetoric or anti-Zionism spill over into anti-Semitism? How many times did the hateful rhetoric move into Jews controlling the news media and the banks and governments?

You can fight back against BDS and anti-Semitic movements on college campuses. Stop donating to colleges that allow this to fester. Urge legislators to cut off federal or state funding for colleges where there has been violence or where Jews have been intimidated or threatened. Free speech is one thing, shouting down or disrupting pro-Israel or Jewish events is another. Urge your children to attend universities where they will be safe. Complain to the college administrators where there is a double standard that treats Jewish students unfairly. Support pro-Israel and Jewish groups on campus with donations, especially where student governments do not fund Jewish activities. Support watchdog groups that follow and report on these developments, so we can know where the problems lie.

But the worst thing you can do is to intellectualize this problem away. The Jewish students need your support. Let them know you are there. Nobody else is going to help them.

Half In, Half Out

To the powers that be at the Woodmont Country Club. I think I have a solution to your conundrum (“Woodmont Not Playing Its ‘A’ Game,” Jan. 20). Since Barack Obama is biracial, you can do the politically correct thing and accept that half of him that is black for membership; as to the part of him that is white, reject him for his reprehensible act toward Israel in the U.N.

As to my personal take on all of the Woodmont Country clubbers who place political correctness above Israel’s welfare. You all deserve what Hashem no doubt has in store for you.

Pray for Our Country

In the “Give Trump a Chance” Your Say letter (Jan. 27), Z. Lois Madow wants to know what there is to protest against. Here are just a few things:

> For planning to throw thousands of people off their health plans.

> For planning to foul our air, water and soil by overturning regulations that protect us.

> For planning to botch our children’s education.

> For planning to have taxpayers pay for his stupid wall and ridiculous investigation into illegal voting.

> For planning to defund Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe v. Wade.

> For fouling our relationship with our nearest neighbor and trading partner — Mexico.

> For trying to silence the EPA and other government agencies.

> For not being remotely interested in learning about current events and refusing daily briefings.

> For promoting the fantasy of reopening factories and restoring blue-collar jobs that can be done by robots in many cases.

> For spouting “alternative facts.”

> For hiring people with no knowledge or experience to run our most important agencies.

> For not knowing what on earth he is doing.

I am ashamed that we elected this man and am embarrassed that he is the president who represents our country to the world. I have seen the damage he has done in just one week. I agree we have to pray — but not for him. We have to pray for ourselves and our country.

Less Hope for Two-State Solution

It’s bad enough that Obama allowed and reportedly encouraged the recent U.N. resolution against Israel. Adding to the damage was former Secretary of State John Kerry’s framework for peace. Notably, he called for reparations for Arab refugees from the Arab-Israeli conflict, but said nothing about the greater number of Jewish refugees.

Kerry alluded to Israel’s security concerns but omitted the overwhelming obstacles to a two-state deal. He made it sound as if there were a stable entity with which Israel could deal. Palestinians are divided in their loyalties, with Hamas, armed and encouraged by outside sources, opposing Israel’s existence and likely to undermine any deal.

Israeli concern also reflects a history of Arab attempts to ethnically cleanse Jews dating back to the 1920s.

I agree that Israel cannot continue ruling the entire West Bank. However, Obama has made it more unlikely that there will be a two-state solution.