Bad Legislation

The ACLU is not wrong, and it should keep doing what it has always done to protect our civil and constitutional rights (“When Passions Run High,” Aug. 4). Congress, on the other hand, is wrong to trade our rights for favor with special interest lobbyists. The anti- boycott legislation is just another attempt to bludgeon… Read More

Honoring the Geneva Conventions

In the Army, I was trained to honor the Geneva Conventions. I expect my government to do the same. Israel and the United States signed the Geneva Conventions, and in the fourth Geneva Convention, article 49 says a it’s illegal to transfer civilian population onto military-occupied territory. It’s very clear, Israeli squatters are in violation… Read More

Credit to Gruber

Let’s give credit to the extraordinary Ruth Gruber, who as foreign correspondent for the New York Herald Tribune raised awareness of the journey of the refugee ship Exodus 1947, the plight of its passengers and its American crew and the violent British response (“The Ship That Luanched a Nation,” July 28). Her real-time articles changed… Read More

Kudos for Bedwell

As a longtime member and a student of Baltimore Clayworks, it is my obligation to take offense to [executive director Devon Powell’s] characterization of Deb Bedwell (“Clayworks’ Conundrum,” July 14). Deb led Baltimore Clayworks for 32 years. She is known for her dedication and work internationally. She is bright, articulate, respected and sincere. Of course… Read More

‘Bizarre, Unbelievable’

Where to start (“Clayworks’ Conundrum,” July 14)? First, any executive director who has such disdain for his colleagues and the community he serves that he would use the f-word to describe a beloved founding member is only displaying his own arrogance and hostility, deadly attributes that cannot be sustained in a leadership position. Secondly, although… Read More

‘It Cannot Be Allowed’

There are metal detectors outside the holiest site in Islam, the Grand Mosque in Mecca. That is because it was attacked and captured by a group of Shia terrorists in 1979, which resulted in a large-scale battle. The terrorists were sent by Iran. As a sensible security measure, the Saudis installed the metal detectors to prevent… Read More

Never Again!

The JT’s “A New Beginning” (June 23), which described the Rosewood-Stevenson University plan, is of great interest to our constituency of children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD). The sale of the Rosewood Center property reopens questions about the dark history of segregation and fairness to people with I/DD. Designed with good intentions,… Read More

Explaining Trump

The rabbinic principle is shetikah ka-hoda’ah: Silence is concurrence. Why has the JT fallen down on the job, by not reporting President Donald J. Trump’s latest snub of worldwide Jewry? The AP story was “Trump Speech Takes Place …” at Polish uprising monument, but, unlike all former presidents and vice presidents visiting Warsaw since 1969,… Read More

Doing Our Part

Northern Parkway is no longer the dividing line that it once was. Communities to the north are integrated. Communities to the south affect those to the north. “Uplifting the city and its neighborhoods can in turn uplift the entire Baltimore area — and its residents along with it,” managing editor Marc Shapiro wrote in his June… Read More

Not-So-Jewish Marriage

The headline that the JT chose for its June 28 cover story, “Something Old, Something New,” comes from an Old English (not Jewish) rhyme. If you had wanted it to sound “Jewish,” perhaps you could have paraphrased it to say, “Something Holy, Something True.” But alas, there really was not much in the article that was… Read More