From This View

BY Dana Goldenberg
July 11, 2013

At 51/2 years old, I experienced one of the hardest changes of my life. My family, which until then had resided in Haifa, Israel, moved to Baltimore. Living in Israel, Judaism was constantly a part of my life. Every Friday evening, my immediate family would accompany my saba and savtah (grandparents) to shul and later CONTINUE »

BY Rabbi Floyd L. Herman
July 3, 2013

On June 3, Secretary of State John Kerry made an imp-ortant and impassioned speech to the American Jewish Committee Global Forum. His speech did not receive the media attention it deserved, neither in the general media nor in the Jewish media. Why the silence? Secretary Kerry made a strong call for American Jews to actively CONTINUE »

BY Josh Rosenbaum
July 3, 2013

I am president of the Beth Israel chapter of United Synagogue Youth, which recently was named Seaboard USY’s 2013 Chapter of the Year. As much as my ego would love for me to take credit for this, it really has been a work in progress at Beth Israel for the past six years. Many people CONTINUE »

BY Howard E. Friedman
July 3, 2013

On many occasions throughout June, I had the privilege of representing The Associated: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore at annual meetings for a number of local agencies within our system. As chair of the board of The Associated, I brought messages of praise and support for the agencies that deliver the critical programs and services CONTINUE »

June 27, 2013

When the mother bird saw us coming, she whipped up her right wing as if she was going to take flight, but as we watched from the edge of the garden, she never actually left her nest.  Not wanting to disturb her, my husband, Bob, and I quietly inched away from the rain garden and CONTINUE »