The Power of the Powerfully Wealthy

The revelations of Howard Weinstein’s sexual misadventures within the orbit of Hollywood is shocking, sad and just downright disgusting. As has been the lack of responses of the liberal Hollywood community who would rather maintain a tight-lipped lock on his behavior. Accused of multiple acts of sexual misconduct, assault, rape and indecent public exposure over… Read More

Being Zayde Sharing Holidays

Thinking about the people I have been sharing the holidays with over recent weeks has me considering ways those moments can make a difference in the coming year. My family is simply filled with incredible people and love that created beautiful memories. The friends with whom we shared moments are really like an extended family,… Read More

A Vital Foreign Policy Tool Under Threat

The Book of Genesis proclaims that every human being is created in the image of God, that every human life is infinitely precious. Every religious person and every humanist understands that we are all diminished by needless loss of life. My heart breaks when I hear about people dying of starvation, of AIDS and other… Read More

People of the Book These Are Your Books!

If the average American reader in 1970 (and surely there were many more then) were asked which authors’ books they look forward to reading, the names would certainly include Bellow, Malamud, Roth, Singer, Ozick, Heller, Potok, Mailer, Paley, Salinger, Asimov, Uris, Wouk, Levin, Grade, Gladshteyn … I’m sure you know where this is going. Jewish… Read More

When Hate Comes to Your Town

What do you do when hate comes to your neighborhood? That’s a question my community and I in Chevy Chase, Md., had to unfortunately grapple with a couple of weeks ago after an individual left anti-Semitic literature on the doorstep of several of our neighbors’ houses. At first, I was aghast that someone would feel… Read More

Some Things Never Change

On Rosh Hashanah, the most prominent rabbi in the United States devoted his sermon to condemning the president of the United States over his response to a recent controversy involving an anti- Nazi protest. Sound familiar? In fact, the year was 1935, and the president was Franklin D. Roosevelt. The rabbi, Stephen S. Wise, was… Read More

Conservative Judaism Needs a New Brand

We are living at a moment of great disruption. We all sense it. We all experience it. It impacts every aspect of our lives — education, economics, politics, social society. Judaism is not immune to these forces. The institutions we built to sustain and nurture Jewish life for the last 200 years are crumbling while… Read More

A Time for Moral Accounting

Part of the American Jewish World Service’s Chag v’Chesed series The Jewish New Year, Rosh Hashanah, is more than just a marker of the cycle of years and the passage of time. This annual “birthday” of the creation of the world is also an annual day of reckoning. The rabbis of the Talmud imagined God… Read More

People of the Book Isaac Bashevis Singer Told the Truth About Us

On Aug. 3, 2004, I was sitting in the expensive London garden of a rich Jewish friend from my father’s grad school, all too relaxed in her gorgeously lush English garden that overlooked one of the world’s loveliest public parks.  I’d spent myself broke three times that summer to engorge myself upon theater and concerts as… Read More

The Associated: Our Community’s Hub

People often ask why I am so committed to Jewish comm- unity. The reason is because of the positive impact the Baltimore Jewish community has had on my family and because of the great work of the community in providing vital services to those in need and in building Jewish life. I moved here from… Read More