People of the Book The New Jewish Elite

When you grow up in 1990s Pikesville, you know a lot of overachievers, and you became too comfortable in their company. You begin to wonder how you came from a place where so many people seemed marked from birth for the super-class, and if you’re not one of them, bitterness can grow within you like… Read More

Our Push to Enhance Jewish Life in Baltimore

In my role as CEO of the JCC of Greater Baltimore, I believe that one of the critical roles of our organization is to provide relevant Jewish engagement for the Greater Jewish community. As with other Jewish communities nationwide, Baltimore is seeing growing rates of intermarriage and decreases in JCC and synagogue participation among its… Read More

A Time of Turmoil

It has really been a hair-raising month of events as a Jew who believes in his history and his integrity as an American rabbi. First of all, UNESCO, that world body dedicated to delegitimizing everything about Israel, declares Hebron a Palestinian historical enclave, despite Jewish biblical history and all current proofs to the contrary. And… Read More

Do We Really Oppose Terrorism?

It is hard to imagine that it has been 14 years since the day that changed my life forever. Fourteen years ago, on June 11, 2003, I was on bus No. 14 in Jerusalem when an 18-year-old terrorist boarded strapped with explosives and detonated. More than 100 of us were injured and 17 innocent people… Read More

Being Zayde Why Is the Sky Blue?

There certainly are a few scientific explanations about the color of the sky and how our atmosphere interacts with the sun’s rays to play tricks on our eyes to show us “color.” There is more to it than that. Remember, we are made in G-d’s image. What we see should be a reminder of grace… Read More

People of the Book The Tolerance of Jewish Intolerance

I came across one of those trivial click-bait internet articles today that inevitably claimed it would “blow my mind.” But this one made an impression on me. The article’s about a recently out lesbian teen who shares her aunt’s horribly bigoted opinions about her choices, followed by an equally insulting apology. When the teen fights… Read More

Caring for Enemy Soldiers a Fundamental IDF Value

One of the greatest challenges of a medical corps team member is to care for captured and wounded enemy soldiers. I served as an army medic during the 1967 Six Day War in the battle over Jerusalem and as a battalion physician in the 1973 Yom Kippur War in the Sinai Desert. In both wars,… Read More

People of the Book Tales From the Old New Land

Records of our symbiotic relationship to books goes back to the Davidic court and probably much further. Our books are records for us and a wormhole to the inner experience of other places, other eras, other people who dealt with problems not entirely unlike our own. Similarly, old civilizations were at least as connected to… Read More

Tzimtzum: How We Strengthen One Another

Years ago, a boss of mine assembled a large group of employees and challenged us with one sentence made up of 10 two-letter words: “If it is to be, it is up to me.” To be sure, I fully appreciate the role and responsibility we have as individual contributors. But I never really have been… Read More