British Jews Shouldn’t Give Up on Labour

For me, the main takeaway from the British election June 8 was that Jeremy Corbyn, far-left leader of the opposition Labour party, didn’t win it. Most of the ridicule in the wake of the election has been aimed at Conservative Party Prime Minister Theresa May for her political error worthy of an Elizabethan farce —… Read More

Ban on Partisan Pulpits Protects Religious Freedom

That small little law known as the Johnson Amendment, which prohibits electioneering by houses of worship and other charities and which President Donald Trump has vowed to repeal, is exceptionally important to preserve. Even if it is not widely enforced, the permission it grants to the Internal Revenue Service to pursue violators is critical to… Read More

Thank You, Howard County

I remember sitting on a bench at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, googling Howard County. That was almost two years ago. Since then, I have gone through an unbelievable journey of discovery. The people I have met and the places I have visited as Howard County’s shlicha (Israeli emissary) have changed me, and I am now… Read More

People of the Book Family Business

When you watch Officer McCluskey slug Michael Corleone, it should be impossible for a Jew not to wonder how often small Jews got beaten up in the eras of Henry Ford and Father Coughlin by huge Irishman. McCluskey is the old American alpha male — Scotch-Irish, brawny, mercurial, a little dumb. The old American alpha… Read More

What about Self-Defense?

Almost every day, we hear and read news about verbal and even physical attacks of Jewish students on college campuses. In many instances, it makes their lives very difficult and even dangerous. Some Jewish leaders and organizations have reacted in the following ways: appealing to authorities; appealing to college administrations; calling on Jewish organizations to… Read More

Join the Club

If you are reading the JT then you are already part of a club even if you think, like me, that you would “not join a club that would have me as a member.” There are many types of clubs one could join or just be considered part of. No, I am not talking about… Read More

Trump’s Cuts to Foreign Aid Are Dangerous, Inhumane

Last week, President Donald Trump proposed radical and cruel cuts to U.S. foreign aid. If his budget for 2018 is approved by Congress and implemented, it would slash crucial aid and development programs and weaken key institutions upholding human rights worldwide. Each year, I speak with thousands of people in Asia, Africa, Latin America and… Read More

In Praise of the Parkway

The Parkway Theater is the greatest artistic development in Baltimore City in my lifetime. Nothing comes close. If you need to find me for the duration of Trump’s presidency, I will be in the front rows of MICA’s new art-film theater, adjusting my spine to the curvature of its seats. Nothing prepared me for my… Read More