Chizuk Amuno Rolls Out Red Membership Carpet for Young Families

Young families, and young people in general, are a group that synagogues are having trouble attracting and keeping. While synagogues may have young families attending services, or enrolling children in their preschools, many young families defer joining until later in life, perhaps waiting for a child’s bar or bat mitzvah or to participate in adult… Read More

Owings Mills Eatery Papa Gil’s Closes Suddenly

Papa Gil’s, the Italian-American restaurant in Crondall Corner Shopping Center on Owings Mills Boulevard, has served up its last meal. A leasing agent with H&R Retail, the Baltimore-based real estate firm that owns the shopping center, told the JT Tuesday that the eatery had closed but did not elaborate. The agent deferred all questions to… Read More

Beth Am Kicks Off Press Freedom Speaker Series

This Saturday, Beth Am Synagogue in Resevoir Hill kicks off its four-part series, “Press Freedoms Under Siege: The First Amendment and the Jewish Commandments,” consisting of discussions by prominent journalists. Writer, producer and former journalist David Simon is the first speaker. Although the role that journalism plays in mainstream dialogue has become a controversial topic… Read More

Har Sinai Celebrates 175 Years

In 1842, Baltimore’s own Har Sinai Congregation became the United States’ first Jewish congregation founded in Reform Judaism. Now based in Owings Mills, Har Sinai counts more than 400 families as congregants and continues to be the longest-running Reform congregation in the country. This past May, a committee was formed by Rabbi Emeritus Floyd Herman… Read More

Pikesville Chamber Rings In 40 Years

In 1977, three Pikesville business owners — Bob Horn, Eugene Gogel and Frank Bressler — founded the Pikesville Chamber of Commerce in an effort to support local businesses and act as a liaison between elected government officials and small business owners. Forty years later, there are 350 businesses as official members of the Pikesville Chamber… Read More

Shabbat Project Brings Challah, Music and Unity to Baltimore

The Baltimore Shabbat Project, billed as a Celebration of Jewish Unity, was held last week at sites around the metro region. This was the first year for the project’s Family Challah Bake on Oct. 22 at Pimlico Race Course, and it was a big hit with families, as was the Women’s Challah Bake on Oct…. Read More

Las Vegas Survivors Come to Washington

Upon hearing the first gunshots, Jason Sherman’s coworker told him to look up to see the fireworks. Moments later, they had dropped to the ground before ducking and running behind the nearby bar trailer, chased by a barrage of bullets. He was there. He survived. But he’ll never forget. “You could hear just the continuous… Read More

You Should Know… Gabe Davidson

Gabe Davidson has an inherent drive for social justice causes. He is always on the move and rarely has time for himself. “I don’t think I’ve ever been able to sit around and do nothing for too long,” Davidson said. “There’s always more to do.” The 24-year-old completed his undergraduate studies at the College of… Read More

White Supremacist Recruitment on Campus Dramatically Increases

Arizona State. Penn State. Cornell. Rutgers. Elizabethtown. George Mason. Fairfax. James Madison. UVA. Stockton. Shenandoah. Lynchburg. Boston College. Oklahoma State. Millersville. Texas State. These are just a handful of the colleges and universities that have been papered with white nationalist recruitment flyers, stickers and posters since the fall semester began. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has… Read More

Maurice Shamash Recalls Jewish Baghdad’s Golden Years and Bloody Years

Maurice Shamash remembers a time when growing up a Jew in Baghdad was pleasant, even idyllic. A time when there actually was a large Jewish population, thriving businesses, schools and synagogues. But he also remembers the pogroms, the executions and the mass exodus of more than 100,000 Jews following World War II, of which he… Read More