Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month

February is Jewish Disability Awareness and Inclusion Month, and numerous area organizations are offering various ways to become engaged. Local events over the course of the month include the CJE and JCC partnering for an inclusive, kid-friendly story time session at J Town on Feb. 14 and a screening of “No Ordinary Hero: The SuperDeafy… Read More

Top Chabad Court: D.C. is Shemtov’s Exclusive Domain

The Central Committee of Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbis has declared that the movement’s activities in Washington fall entirely under the authority of Rabbi Levi Shemtov, settling a longstanding feud between the District of Columbia rabbi and Rabbi Shmuel Kaplan, who oversees Chabad programs in Maryland. In its decision, the three-person beit din, or rabbinical court, ruled completely… Read More

The Great Divide Love him or hate him, Trump has put his presidency on the firing line

President Donald Trump’s first three weeks in office is all the confirmation Bernie Salganik needed to reinforce that he voted for the right candidate. Salganik said it initially took some time for him to get behind Trump. But Salganik, a registered Republican who refers to himself as an “independent,” said he was drawn to Trump… Read More

Go Paleo! or Go Home

Cara Zaller, a Howard County nutritionist, saw a five-year dream come to fruition with the final production of her board game, Go Paleo! The educational and active game, based on the Paleolithic diet, challenges players to differentiate between health foods and junk, encourages exercise and teaches about the benefits of living a Paleolithic lifestyle. The… Read More

Advocacy Day Amplifies Jewish Voices in Annapolis

Jonathan Allen and Avi Schneider normally plan their own lobbying trips to Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. But on Tuesday night, the pair of University of Maryland, College Park, sophomores decided to shake things up and head to Annapolis. Allen, 19, and Schneider, 20, the president of and vice president, respectively, of Terps for Israel,… Read More

Hopkins President Shares Family Refugee Story in Letter Opposing Immigration Ban

The executive order signed by President Donald Trump on Jan. 27, which implemented a 120-day travel ban from seven majority Muslim countries, sparked numerous protests (including at Baltimore-Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport) and legal challenges. One such challenge resulted in a nationwide hold on the ban by a federal judge last week. The 9th Circuit… Read More

Fighting Fire with a Fundraiser

To mark its 120th anniversary this year, the Pikesville Volunteer Fire Department is embarking on a $3 million fundraiser to renovate its existing firehouse and buy a new ambulance, tower truck and fire engine. Pikesville Fire was founded on Feb. 4, 1897 and currently operates both the busiest rescue squad and the busiest volunteer ladder… Read More

Baltimore Bagels Goes Bottoms Up! New bagel pop-up has Jewish roots

Although Joan Kanner grew up under the veil of 12 years of Catholic school, she still lays a claim to her own “Jewy center,” as she put it. The New Jersey-born Kanner, a Baltimorean since 2005, has chosen a particularly apt  description here, considering she is the co-founder of the fresh-out-of-the-oven pop-up Bottoms Up Bagels…. Read More

Baltimore Startup Puts Fitness Online

It’s that time of year where the best of intentions to fulfill those New Year’s resolutions start to falter. It’s not hard to guess that many of those resolutions revolved around fitness and exercise. Everyone wants to be healthier, but between work, friends and family, gym routines tend to take a back seat on the… Read More