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Haifa’s Rambam hospital treats, protects, innovates in the face of looming danger
BY Alina Dain Sharon/
October 1, 2014

Not unexpectedly, southern Israel suffered more than other areas of the Jewish state during this summer’s conflict with Hamas. Yet, up in northern Israel, 30 doctors from the Haifa-based Rambam Health Care Campus (RHCC) were drafted into the Israel Defense Forces. “Israel is a small country, so everything affects you whether you are in the CONTINUE »

Breast cancer prevention has an ally in genetic testing
BY Allie Freedman and Suzanne Pollak
October 1, 2014

Baltimorean Jill Mull was just 32 when she learned she had an aggressive form of breast cancer. The young Jewish mother of twins was hoping the mark on her breast was simply a cyst, but a checkup resulted two days later in a lumpectomy. “I had five surgeries in a year and nine months and CONTINUE »

At Canada’s new human rights museum, should the Holocaust get special treatment?
BY Josh Tapper/JTA
September 29, 2014

TORONTO — On the fourth floor of the new Canadian Museum for Human Rights, visitors will find a gallery called “Examining the Holocaust,” which is devoted entirely to the story and lessons of the Shoah. On the same floor, in a smaller, adjacent space, a gallery called “Breaking the Silence” examines a cluster of five CONTINUE »

Can think tanks be bought?
BY Dmitriy Shapiro and David Holzel
September 29, 2014

Many think tanks, those collections of scholars who issue reams of reports and whose members help shape public opinion and government policy, take pride in being independent research organizations whose academics and former officials do rigorous, unbiased work. But thanks to revelations that some of the most widely known of such groups, including the Brookings CONTINUE »

African asylum seekers leaving Israel amid unwelcoming environment, uncertain future
BY Marc Shapiro
September 29, 2014

Mutasim Ali fled the Darfur region of Sudan in 2009 seeking refuge from a government undergoing a campaign of ethnic cleansing. “I’m ashamed to see that happening in my country, but because of your race, you feel you don’t belong to that place anyway,” he said. “That’s one of the major problems we face there.” CONTINUE »