How do you celebrate Shabbat?


Sylvia Eisenberg:I make it at home, and I love that. Shmuel Dershowitz:We make it a little bit more exciting. Anyone who wants to come to my and my wife’s house is welcome. Ari Ross:We try to get together with family and friends.   Want to place an order online? Visit now.

Saving Sophie Ronald H. Balson/St. Martin’s Griffin, 418 pages


After Jack Sommer’s wife, Alina, passes away, her father, Dr. Arif al-Zahani, attempts to take custody of Jack and Alina’s daughter, Sophie, out of spite for the man who convinced his daughter to leave Hebron for the U.S. After losing the court case, al-Zahani takes advantage of Sommer’s kindness by kidnapping his granddaughter during a… Read More

Israel is Leading in Google Space Competition


A team of Israeli engineers is leading in a Google-sponsored international contest to send a privately funded spacecraft to the moon. SpaceIL, a nonprofit Israeli group working out of Tel Aviv University, is the first of 16 groups vying in the Lunar XPrize competition to finalize a contract with a launch provider and have technical… Read More

Rywka’s Diary: The Writings of a Jewish Girl from the Lodz Ghetto Edited by Anita Friedman Harper, 240 pages


Adolescence is difficult enough. Try to imagine it as a girl in the Lodz ghetto with little food, no parents or grandparents and responsibility for three younger siblings. We needn’t imagine, Rywka Lipszyc tells us. Her diary, found in 1945 by a Soviet doctor at the ruins of Auschwitz crematorium No. 3 and unpublished for… Read More

SodaStream Offers to Take in Syrian Refugees

A dinghy carrying refugees arrives 
at a beach on the island of Lesbos 
in northern Greece.

JERUSALEM — The Israeli company SodaStream has offered to take in Syrian refugees and employ them in its new factory in the Negev Desert. In an announcement last week, SodaStream and the mayor of Rahat, which is near the home beverage maker’s factory, said they can absorb up to 200 families. Some 3­0 percent of… Read More



A singer performs at this 1976 Annapolis Hadassah event. Can you identify anyone in this photo? Contact Joanna Church, 410-732-6400, ext. 226 or To see more of the Jewish Museum’s extensive collection and find out who has been identified in past photos, visit

The Koren Tehillim The Rohr Family Edition Koren Publishers Jerusalem, 831 pages


As part of its new expansion of essential volumes of Jewish scripture, liturgy and law, Koren’s “Rohr Family Edition” of Tehillim is a welcome arrival to bookstores, especially for those who have the custom to recite the entire Book of Psalms on certain holidays — Hoshana Rabbah, for instance, begins Saturday night, Oct. 3 —… Read More

New Australian PM Reportedly HAS Jewish Roots

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm Turnbull, a multimillionaire who reportedly has Jewish roots, has been sworn in as Australia’s new prime minister. Turnbull became the country’s new leader Sept. 15, defeating Tony Abbott in a Labor Party leadership ballot the day before. The pro-Israel Abbott resigned after the vote. Turnbull spoke about his Jewish roots in a 2013 interview… Read More