Now that spring is almost here, what are your plans?

Sheila Cohen: Our family is getting ready for a special Shabbat, and we’re looking forward to Passover Seders. Neil Levy: Riding my motorcycle. Barbara and Arnold Cohen: We have the wedding of our granddaughter in May. Want to place an order online? Visit now.  

A Brief Stop on the Road from Auschwitz By Göran Rosenberg


Two tragedies ruined the life of Göran Rosenberg’s father, once a third-year student in a Polish textile college. The first was the Shoah, which ripped him from his world, then destroyed it. The second took longer, starting at age 24, when he and 30,000 other survivors were brought to Sweden for rehabilitation. Posthumously addressing his… Read More

Oregon Couple to Brew Kosher Kegs

PORTLAND, Ore. — For Theo and Sonia Marie Leikam, the dream is nearly complete. Behind the couple’s tidy Victorian house on a tree-lined street in southeast Portland is a pitched-roof building that vaguely resembles a garage with too small a door. But inside, the gleaming stainless steel tanks, the grain mill and the array of… Read More



Weiss Memorial Award winners pose for a group photo in the office of Mayor Theodore McKeldin in 1965. Jacob Fisher is in the back row, far right. Can you identify anyone in this photo? Contact Joanna Church, 410-732-6400, ext. 226 or To see more of the Jewish Museum’s extensive collection and find out who… Read More



Phone-a-thon participants volunteer at Levindale in this 1965 photo. (Courtesy of the Jewish Museum of Maryland, 2011.029.243) Can you identify anyone in this photo? Contact Joanna Church, 410-732-6400, ext. 226 or To see more of the Jewish Museum’s extensive collection and find out who has been identified in past photos, visit

Lincoln and the Jews: A History


By Jonathan D. Sarna and Benjamin Shapell Thomas Dunne Books, 272 pages A great coffee-table book about Jewish history, let alone American Jewish history, doesn’t come around in a great while. All the more so when the topic is as obscure as the confluence between Jewish interests and the actions of the 16th president. So… Read More

Is it too soon to start thinking about Passover?


Simcha Berman: Day to day life makes it hard for people to prepare this early. Jael Freedman: It’s my favorite holiday! For me it’s always about rites of passage, going into something more beautiful. Don Levine: Yes, it’s too early. Want to place an order online? Visit now.  

Rio 2016 Olympic Village to Commemorate Munich Massacre


The International Olympic Committee will erect a place to mourn family and friends at the 2016 Games in Rio, including the 11 Israeli athletes killed by terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics. The closing ceremony also will feature a moment of reflection to remember those who have died at the Olympic Games, such as the… Read More

Walking the Bible By Bruce Feiler


For many, journalist and serial traveler Bruce Feiler’s “Walking the Bible” either opened up a new world of biblical appreciation or provided the already inspired with the type of depth — what we in the writing professions call “color” — that those who had never been privileged to walk in the Torah’s footsteps lacked. That… Read More