Disraeli: The Novel Politician, By David Cesarani Yale University Press, 282 pages


Benjamin Disraeli, the only Jewish-born prime minister of the United Kingdom, may have been Jewish by birth, but his life and  descriptions of the Jewish people were anything but orthodox. David Cesarani’s new monograph of the historic leader begins with a short introduction about Disraeli’s father and grandfather. As a child, Disraeli becomes a Christian… Read More

Facebook’s Sandberg Donates $31M of Company Stock

Sheryl Sandberg (Kimberly White/Getty Images)

Facebook Chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has donated 290,000 shares of company stock, worth about $31 million, to various charities. The majority of the money will go to women’s empowerment groups and Lean In, Sandberg’s  nonprofit supporting women in the workplace, according to CNBC, citing an unnamed source familiar with Sandberg’s plans. The donations were… Read More

Return to Zion: The History of Modern Israel By Eric Gartman University of Nebraska Press, 331 pages


Most people are familiar with the history of Israel, but they weren’t standing on Masada more than 2,000 years ago when what had been the last Jewish stronghold fell to the Roman Empire. That is where Eric Gartman’s account of modern Israeli history begins before fast-forwarding to the turn of the 20th century, the rise… Read More

Stat Whiz Nate Silver: Trump More Likely Nominee Than Sanders


Respected statistician Nate Silver said the chance of Jewish Sen. Bernie Sanders winning the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination are close to zero. Silver, the Jewish editor of the FiveThirtyEight blog who correctly predicted the election results of all 50 states in 2012, told Adweek on Jan. 4 that Hillary Clinton should win the Democratic nomination… Read More



A Levindale resident participates in occupational therapy in this 1963 photo. Can you identify anyone in this photo? Contact Joanna Church, 410-732-6400, ext. 226 or jchurch@jewishmuseummd.org. To see more of the Jewish Museum’s extensive collection and find out who has been identified in past photos, visit jewishmuseummd.org/tag/once-upon-a-time-2/

The 613 By Archie Rand Blue Rider Press, 622 pages


It took Archie Rand almost five years to produce the paintings featured in “The 613,” an illustrated interpretation of the 613 mitzvot, or commandments, from the Torah. Each panel measures 20 inches by 16 inches and takes up about 1,700 square feet of wall space when exhibited together, which has happened only once, for four… Read More

Mohammed Most Popular Israeli Name


JERUSALEM — Mohammed was the most popular name in Israel in 2014. Some 2,650 Mohammeds were born in Israel in 2014, the country’s Central Bureau of Statistics said in a report released last week. The second most popular name for a boy was Noam, with 1,600 baby boys, though, according to the report, some 400… Read More