BY Chayim Lando
December 12, 2013

By Peter Rabbins Cloth 2013, 304 pages What caused this book review to be written? Is it because the book was written? Or, perhaps, because the reviewer was born. The printing press, the personal computer, Aristotle and myriad other factors can all be taken into consideration when asking the question, “What caused this book review CONTINUE »

December 5, 2013

Robert Gootzit: Donating money. Libby Berman: Helping The Associated find places for Russian immigrants . Bill Abadie: I donate clothes and goods from around the house. Want to place an order online? Visit www.goldbergsbagels.net now.CONTINUE »

BY Roey Tshuva
December 5, 2013

The first jelly doughnut in the bakeries symbolizes the opening of “Festivals Season” in Israel. During this time — seven days of vacation from school — parents are looking for activities for their kids. Unlike the summer vacation, when children can spend a lot of time at the pool or the beach, it is usually CONTINUE »

BY Jessica Cohen
December 5, 2013

By Ben Dolnick Pantheon 2013, 256 pages Seldom do works of fiction come along that allow the reader not only to enjoy the story, but also to actually experience the story. “At the Bottom of Everything” by Ben Dolnick does just this. The backbone of the novel is simple and relatable. It is a tale CONTINUE »

November 26, 2013

Anita Katz: The grandkids each got a menorah when they were born. They all will be lighting candles on Chanukah. Debbie & Mitchel Saltzman: Cantor Susan Alcott: No one can get their gifts until we sing all the songs! Melissa Shnidman: No one can get their gifts until we sing all the songs! Want to place an order online? CONTINUE »