Chasidic Teen’s Poem About Day in Her Life Goes Viral


A poem by a Chasidic teenage girl from Brooklyn has gone viral on social media. “Worst Day Ever?” by Chanie Gorkin was first posted last year on the Poetry Nation website, where Gorkin is a member. The poem was published in a collection of poems titled “Beyond the Sea: Odyssey” and put Gorkin, of the… Read More


Jerry Sklar teaches a photo astronomy class at Pikesville High School in 1972.

Campers and counselors at the Bais Yaakov Day Camp pose with director Carolyn Rosenberg in this 1960 photo. Can you identify anyone in this photo? Contact Joanna Church, 410-732-6400, ext. 226 or To see more of the Jewish Museum’s extensive collection and find out who has been identified in past photos, visit

The Man Who Would Not Be Washington: Robert E. Lee’s Civil War and His Decision that Changed American History By Jonathan Horn Scribner, 384 pages


With the United States experiencing racial turmoil, unrest and racially motivated attacks such as the one in Charlottesville, S.C., one looks for answers to this nation’s most pernicious and perpetual problem. Seeing the Confederate battle flag lowered on the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol, while a symbolic and  important change, is an indicator… Read More

Facebook Acquiring Fourth Israeli Company


JERUSALEM — Facebook is acquiring an Israeli startup company that has developed technology for operating a computer through hand and finger gestures. Pebbles Interfaces, based in Kfar Saba, is Facebook’s fourth acquisition in Israel, the Israeli business daily Globes reported last week. Facebook reportedly has agreed to pay $60 million for the company. Pebbles Interfaces… Read More



Only a few of these young members of the JEA Reliance Club, partying at Evergreen Beach Park circa 1930, have been identified, including Connie Nasdor, Jack Saltzman and Hy Evnitz. Can you identify anyone in this photo? Contact Joanna Church, 410-732-6400, ext. 226 or To see more of the Jewish Museum’s extensive collection and… Read More

How are you beating the heat?

Andrea Langrock: Staying indoors. Aryeh Pliskin: Lots of water, shade and sunblock. Eli Wahlberg: Drinking lots of water, and sometimes I dump water on myself. Want to place an order online? Visit now.

Safekeeping By Jessamyn Hope Fig Tree Books, 371 pages


Few social institutions have undergone more radical change than have Israeli kibbutzim during the past 100 years. From utopian socialist enterprises where people came to reclaim the land and livnot u’l’hibanot — build and be rebuilt themselves — many kibbutzim, now deprived of government subsidies, have become privatized and evolved into rural or suburban communities…. Read More

Potentially Exculpatory Testimony Unsealed in Rosenberg Case


Newly unsealed court records may provide fodder for those who believe Ethel Rosenberg was wrongly convicted and executed. Rosenberg and her husband, Julius, who were Jewish, were famously put to death in 1953 in Ossining, N.Y., for conspiring to share atomic secrets with the Soviet Union. The potentially exculpatory material is in testimony by Rosenberg’s… Read More