What do you love about Baltimore?

Jacqui Mayo: I like that you can get great food here like when I grew up in New York — and the neighborhoods. Mark Rosenfeld: Born and bred here. No city is better; best area in the country. Robert Schapiro: I know we have our problems, but I love our traditions and sporting events. Want… Read More

Are you going to take advantage of the sales?

Rita Endres: Yes. I bought Ravens apparel for my grandson. Barbara Richter: I did take advantage of the sales. I went to Sears with my sister and bought rubber tongs, drip pans and snow boots. Gregory Jones: No. Want to place an order online? Visit www.goldbergsbagels.net now.

Who did you vote for?


Martin Jacobs: As a general principle, it’s a good idea to keep it private. It makes for fewer arguments between couples. Karen Jacobs: Brown Marlee Greenberg: I did vote. [I’ll keep my vote] private, but it’s the most rewarding experience. It’s good to have the privilege to vote. It’s a great, exciting day, especially when it comes to… Read More

Who do you think will win the World Series?


Richard Krieger: I like to root for the underdog, so hopefully Kansas City will come out ahead. Scott Leder: I think the Giants will win. Steven Gregory: I actually don’t follow baseball. Want to place an order online? Visit www.goldbergsbagels.net now.

What is your favorite fall fashion?


Bernard L. Berkowitz: My green fleece jacket. Wearing this jacket reminds me of all the great trips I used to take. Richard Bloom: A lightweight coat. Robert Waxman: Ravens gear! That’s why I wholesale them. Want to place an order online? Visit www.goldbergsbagels.net now.

What sets your sukkah apart from others?


Moshe Cohen: My wife goes on Pinterest to look up decorations. Twelve people have taken pins from her board. Yossi Burstyn: Our sukkah is filled with different decorations. Ed Gold: We say a blessing for all our exalted guests. I promise the exalted guests in our sukkah will have an awesome time. Want to place an order… Read More