Overheard at Goldberg’s

June 27, 2013

Avi Thav:  Our tradition really believes that every man is created 100 percent equal, and any racism is definitely looked down upon. Eric Narrow:  In the aftermath of the Werdesheim trial, I think the relationship is tense and is perpetuated by the community because are looking for reasons to argue or negate each other. CONTINUE »

June 20, 2013

Matthew Diamond: Jesus is not something for Jews to believe in. Miles Rosenblatt: I believe he existed — as a human. Robin Hammett: I think you can believe he existed. It is the son of God part … Want to place an order online? Visit www.goldbergsbagels.net now.CONTINUE »

June 11, 2013

Fred Cohen: I sent my kids to Jewish day school to get a Jewish education Leslie Pomerantz: I chose to send my kids to Jewish day school. … It’s such a wonderful opportunity for them. We feel deeply about who we are as Jews and instilling Jewish values, teaching them Jewish texts. Steve Saval: I CONTINUE »