The Golem of Paris By Jonathan Kellerman and Jesse Kellerman P.G. Putnamís Sons, 497 pages

Warning: Reading this book may cause a severe case of literary whiplash. On one page, we are in Prague, witnessing the frightening workings of a psychiatric hospital used by the communists as a political prison. Then, almost without warning the reader may be yanked into a police archive in Los Angeles, where a detective is… Read More

Eight Questions of Faith: Biblical Challenges That Guide and Ground Our Lives By Niles Elliot Goldstein University of Nebraska Press, 168 pages

Niles Elliot Goldstein set out on a heavy task when he wrote “Eight Questions of Faith.” The author, director of development at the Center for Interfaith Engagement and a lecturer at Loyola University Chicago, contemplates the great mysteries of life (and death) from our place and purpose in the world to what happens to us… Read More

Jewish Noir Edited by Kenneth Wishnia PM Press, 448 pages

“Jewish Noir,” an anthology of more than 30 tales, offers just as many interpretations and flavors of noir. And throughout them weaves the thread that editor Kenneth Wishnia tugs at in the introduction: fatalism and rootlessness — “a person who is at home nowhere,” — defines the characters as well as the characteristics of a… Read More

Saving Sophie Ronald H. Balson/St. Martin’s Griffin, 418 pages

After Jack Sommer’s wife, Alina, passes away, her father, Dr. Arif al-Zahani, attempts to take custody of Jack and Alina’s daughter, Sophie, out of spite for the man who convinced his daughter to leave Hebron for the U.S. After losing the court case, al-Zahani takes advantage of Sommer’s kindness by kidnapping his granddaughter during a… Read More

Rywka’s Diary: The Writings of a Jewish Girl from the Lodz Ghetto Edited by Anita Friedman Harper, 240 pages

Adolescence is difficult enough. Try to imagine it as a girl in the Lodz ghetto with little food, no parents or grandparents and responsibility for three younger siblings. We needn’t imagine, Rywka Lipszyc tells us. Her diary, found in 1945 by a Soviet doctor at the ruins of Auschwitz crematorium No. 3 and unpublished for… Read More

The Koren Tehillim The Rohr Family Edition Koren Publishers Jerusalem, 831 pages

As part of its new expansion of essential volumes of Jewish scripture, liturgy and law, Koren’s “Rohr Family Edition” of Tehillim is a welcome arrival to bookstores, especially for those who have the custom to recite the entire Book of Psalms on certain holidays — Hoshana Rabbah, for instance, begins Saturday night, Oct. 3 —… Read More

They Told Me Not to Take That Job By Reynold Levy PublicAffairs, 376 pages

As head of the International Rescue Committee in the 1990s, Levy dealt daily with desperate refugees and rogue dictators of failed states — all of which barely prepared him to orchestrate his greatest rescue mission, as president of Lincoln Center. When, against all advice, Levy took the helm in 2002, the country’s leading arts venue… Read More