Food in the Bible

  • The apple in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:15)
  • The sheep, produce sacrificed to God by Cain and Abel (Genesis 4:2)
  • The meal Abraham and Sarah prepare for the visiting angels (Genesis 18)
  • The lentil soup Jacob trades for Esau’s birthright (Genesis 25:30-34)
  • The manna that falls from the sky to feed the Israelites in the desert (Exodus 16:1-36)
  • The heavenly sacrifices brought by the priests to the Temple (Leviticus 17)
  • The bread baked for the Temple shulchan [table] (Exodus 25:30)

That’s Kosher
Foods you would not assume carry kosher supervision
Why in the world would a ham glaze be kosher certified? Don’t know, but there are also candy canes, Halloween candy, Santa cookies and Easter eggs.

You can also get kosher mock bacon bits, and Herr’s makes kosher crab-flavored potato chips.

Kosher vs. kosher-style
There is big difference between kosher foods and kosher-style foods.

Kosher foods must meet the guidelines of kosher laws, and the food must be prepared in a totally kosher environment under strict
rabbinical supervision. It must be marked with a kosher-approved kosher symbol by an agency or rabbi that you trust and know to be reliable.

Kosher-style foods are Jewish foods and are not rabbinically sanctioned.

Did you know, according to a recent Mintel Report on the kosher industry, approximately 45 percent of typical supermarket dry grocery shelves are filled with foods that bear kosher certification?

Basic Shabbat Cholent in a Crock-pot

122013_Cholent_crockpot1 pound cholent bean mix or a 16-bean variety bag
1 cup barley
1 can Bush’s vegetarian or Heinz’s vegetarian baked beans
2 Idaho potatoes, cut in quarters
1 large onion, sliced
16 ounces cholent meat or flanken cut up in large chunks
salt and pepper to taste
2 slices kishke (in cholent will disintegrate, adds flavor)
4 slices kishke (on top in tin foil to serve with cholent)
3 to 4 cups water; check before Shabbat if you need more water

Start slow cooker on high and cook 21⁄2 hours before Shabbat. Right
before Shabbat, drop heat to medium and check water. Barley absorbs a great deal of water, and cholent needs to be moist. Spray slow cooker with Pam; use cholent bag to line slow cooker. Put a little water under liner to prevent scorching the bag.

  • Want to spice it up? Add a little soy sauce, a little ketchup and some barbecue sauce.
  • Want it a little sweet? Add a little honey (2 to 3 tablespoons), chopped sweet potato and some carrots.
  • Want it meatier? Add sausage or hot dogs on top of the cholent.
  • Want it vegetarian? Use basic cholent recipe but leave out the meat and kishke and add root vegetables, carrots and sweet potatoes.

Celebrating 14 years of Shalom USA Radio

An evening with Israeli journalist Yossi Klein Halevi

Tuesday, Dec. 24 at 7 p.m.
Moses Montefiore Anshe Emunah
7000 Rockland Hills Drive

$75, includes copy of Halevi’s  book “Like Dreamers”

Carroll Hospital Honors Employees

122013_bbriefs_Carroll-Hospital_FrankMelissa Frank, R.N., was recently presented with Carroll Hospital Center’s November DAISY Award. A nurse at the hospital for nine years, Frank was nominated for her compassion, kindness and empathy when she went above and beyond her normal duties to ensure a patient’s daughter would be able to be with her mother during her final days.

Also, Doris Hallford was recently named Carroll Hospital Center’s November Volunteer of the Month. A volunteer at the center for two years, Hallford was chosen for her outstanding work at the hospital’s information desk, where she greets and directs patients, their family members and visitors.

ShalomLearning Brings Technology Into Jewish Learning

A nonprofit education company hopes to immerse students in Jewish learning with its technologically focused programming.

ShalomLearning takes a values-based approach with an emphasis on communal study and Hebrew language and prayer, and it can be used as a supplement to Hebrew school or as an at-home learning tool.

“We’re talking about Jewish values, but they don’t align themselves by any denomination,” said CEO Sarah Steinberg. “The focus is really thinking about the relevancy of the information to your secular life.”

Next fall, Baltimore Hebrew Congregation will become the first Baltimore synagogue to use the program in its religious school. ShalomLearning, which started in 2011 with seven students, is now being used to teach 300 students in about 20 synagogues across the country. Approximately 20 students use the online program exclusively.

Steinberg said the program has struck a chord with military families and had a recent meeting with a board that works with Jewish military chaplains, who are going to reach out to families.

“It turns out 1.5 percent of the military is Jewish,” Steinberg said.

There are two pieces to the technology — a virtual classroom and a learning management system. In synagogues, the blended learning model has about 50 percent of its curriculum in the synagogue and the other 50 percent in the virtual classroom for flexibility.

The company works directly with synagogues, training teachers before the start of the school year on the curriculum and technology.

ShalomLearning is available for fourth through sixth grade now, and Steinberg said the company hopes to expand as it refines its practices.

She said the program seems to be catching on, and from the company’s perspective, applying Judaism to everyday life helps reel the students in.

“You’re a kid, you’re wondering about things,” Steinberg said. “Let’s wonder about them together.”

While the company started as a for-profit firm, Steinberg said it switched to nonprofit status so it would be seen as more of a team player in education.

“We wanted to really be seen as partners in the Jewish community,” she said.

Full List Of Rabbinic Signatures

# Title First Name Last Name City State
1 Rabbi Elliot Stevens Montgomery AL
2 Rabbi Jacob Adler Fayetteville AR
3 Rabbi Barry Block Little Rock AR
4 Rabbi Elana Kanter Phoenix AZ
5 Rabbi Nina Perlmutter Prescott AZ
6 Rabbi Sanford Seltzer Oro Valley AZ
7 Rabbi Jack Silver Tempe AZ
8 Rabbi Jacob Singer-Beilin Phoenix AZ
9 Rabbi Michael Wasserman Scottsdale AZ
10 Rabbi Hanna Tiferet Siegel Hornby Island BC
11 Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder San Francisco CA
12 Rabbi Rachel Adler Los Angeles CA
13 rabbi Camille Shira Angel San Francisco CA
14 Rabbi Melanie Aron Los Gatos CA
15 Rabbi Raphael Asher Walnut Creek CA
16 Rabbi Lewis M. Barth Encino CA
17 Rabbi Rachel Bat-Or Los Angeles CA
18 Rabbi Haim Beliak Los Angeles CA
19 Rabbi Karen Bender Tarzana CA
20 Rabbi Allen Bennett SAN FRANCISCO CA
21 Rabbi Allan Berkowitz San Jose CA
22 cantor jennifer bern-vogel los angeles CA
23 Rabbi Linda Bertenthal San Luis Obispo, CA CA
24 Rabbi Marc S Blumenthal Long Beach CA
25 Rabbi Barbara Borts Altadena CA
26 Student Rabbi Julie Bressler Oakland CA
27 Rabbi Samuel Broude Oakland CA
28 Rabbi Sharon Brous Los Angeles CA
29 Rabbi Meredith Cahn Truckee CA
30 Rabbi Carol Caine Albany CA
31 Student Rabbi Kerry Chaplin Los Angeles CA
32 Rabbi Kenneth Chasen Los Angeles CA
33 Rabbi Steven Chester Oakland CA
34 Rabbi Aryeh Cohen LOS ANGELES CA
35 Rabbi Stephen Cohen Santa Barbara CA
36 Rabbi Hillel Cohn San Bernardino CA
37 Rabbi Neil Comess-Daniels Santa Monica CA
38 Rabbi David J. Cooper Piedmont CA
39 Rabbi William Cutter Los Angeles CA
40 Rabbi Julie Danan Chico CA
41 Rabbi Shoshanah Devorah Ukiah CA
42 Rabbi Lisa Edwards Los Angeles CA
43 Rabbi Denise Eger West Hollywood CA
44 Rabbi Diane Elliot Richmond CA
45 Rabbi Richard Ettelson Murrieta CA
46 Cantor Devorah Felder-Levy Los Gatos CA
47 Rabbi Fern Feldman Santa Cruz CA
48 Rabbi Ted Feldman Petaluma CA
49 Rabbi Zev-Hayyim Feyer Claremont CA
50 Rabbi Dara Frimmer Los Angeles CA
51 Rabbi Pamela Frydman San Francisco CA
52 Rabbi Laura Geller Los Angeles CA
53 Rabbi Dr. Miriyam Glazer Los Angeles CA
54 Rabbi Borukh Goldberg Santa Cruz CA
55 Rabbi Dan Goldblatt Danville CA
56 Rabbi Sara Goodman Santa Monica CA
57 Rabbi Lynn Gottlieb Berkeley CA
58 Rabbi Mel Gottlieb Los Angleles CA
59 Rabbi Arthur Gould Alameda CA
60 rabbi roberto graetz lafayette CA
61 Rabbi Sarah Graff Palo Alto CA
62 Rabbi Joshua Grater Pasadena CA
63 Rabbi Laurie Hahn Tapper Los Gatos CA
64 Rabbi Dr. Moshe Halfon Long Beach CA
65 vegvayzer/madrik Hershl Hartman Los Angeles CA
66 Rabbi Abraham Havivi Los Angeles CA
67 Rabbi Me’irah Iliinsky San Francisco CA
68 Rabbi Daniel Isaacson Berkeley CA
69 Rabbi Burt Jacobson Richmond CA
70 Student Rabbi Oliver Joseph Los Angeles CA
71 Rabbi Yoel Kahn Berkeley CA
72 Rabbi Paul Kipnes Calabasas CA
73 Rabbi Jonathan Klein Los Angeles CA
74 Rabbi Lori Klein Capitola CA
75 Rabbi Zoe Klein LA CA
76 Rabbi Leah Kroll Encino CA
77 Rabbi Jonathan Kupetz Pomona CA
78 Rabbi noa kushner San Anselmo CA
79 Rabbi Michael Lerner Berkeley CA
80 Rabbi Richard Levy Encino CA
81 Rabbi Stan Levy Los Angeles CA
82 rabbi Sheldon Lewis Palo Alto CA
83 Rabbi Michael Lezak San Rafael CA
84 Rabbi Jane Rachel Litman Berkeley CA
85 Rabbi Richard Litvak Aptos CA
86 Rabbi Harry Manhoff San Leandro CA
87 Rabbi Paula Marcus Aptos CA
88 Student Rabbi Rachel Marks Los Angeles CA
89 Chazzan Danny Maseng Los Angeles CA
90 Rabbi Heather Miller Los Angeles CA
91 Cantor Rebekah Mirsky Los Angeles CA
92 Rabbi Michelle Missaghieh Los Angeles CA
93 Rabbi Katie Mizrahi San Francisco CA
94 Rabbi Dev Noily Oakland CA
95 Rabbi Laura Owens Los Angeles CA
96 Rabbi Robin Podolsky Los Angeles CA
97 Rabbi Philip M Posner Santa Cruz CA
98 Student Rabbi Rose Prevezer Los Angeles CA
99 Rabbi Arnold Rachlis Irvine CA
100 Rabbi Ferenc Raj Berkeley CA
101 Rabbi Larry Raphael San Francisco CA
102 Cantor David Reinwald Santa Ana CA
103 Rabbi Steven Reuben Pacific Palisades CA
104 Rabbi Yael Ridberg San Diego CA
105 Hazzan Eva Robbins Los Angeles CA
106 Rabbi Bernie Robinson San Rafael CA
107 Cantor Aviva Rosenbloom Altadena CA
108 Rabbi John Rosove Los Angeles CA
109 Rabbi Julie Saxe-Taller Berkeley CA
110 Rabbi Howie Schneider Aptos CA
111 Rabbi Avi Schulman Fremont CA
112 Rabbi Judith Seid Pleasanton CA
113 Rabbinical Student Daniel Sher Redondo beach CA
114 Rabbi Paul Shleffar belmont CA
115 Rabbi Henry Shreibman Novato CA
116 Rabbi Mel Silverman Palm Desert CA
117 Rabbi Suzanne Singer Riverside CA
118 Cantor Raina Siroty los angeles CA
119 Rabbi Ruth Sohn Los Angeles CA
120 Rabbi Gershon Steinberg-Caudill El Cerrito CA
121 Rabbi Andrew Straus Oakland CA
122 Rabbi Mira Wasserman Stanford CA
123 Rabbi Sarah Weissman Los Altos Hills CA
124 Rabbi Alissa Wise Oakland CA
125 Rabbi Bridget Wynne Albany CA
126 Cantor Gregory Yaroslow Redlands CA
127 Rabbi Jill Zimmerman Los Angeles CA
128 Rabbi Benjamin Arnold Evergreen CO
129 Rabbi Eliot Baskin Greenwood Village CO
130 Rabbi Lewis Bogage Denver CO
131 Rabbi Brian Field Denver CO
132 Rabbi Tirzah Firestone Boulder CO
133 Rabbinic Pastor Eve Ilsen Boulder CO
134 Rabbi Adam Morris Denver CO
135 Rabbi Debra Rappaport Vail CO
136 Rabbi Joshua Rose Boulder CO
137 Rabbi Zalman Schachter Boulder CO
138 Rabbi Marc Soloway Boulder CO
139 Rabbi Herbert Brockman new haven CT
140 Rabbi Debra Cantor Bloomfield CT
141 Rabbi Leah Cohen Ridgefield CT
142 Rabbi Rachel Goldenberg Deep River CT
143 rabbi stanley KESSLER (Rabbi) w.hartford CT
144 Cantor Shoshana Lash Ansonia CT
145 Rabbi Alan Lovins New Haven CT
146 Rabbi Alysa Mendelson Graf Westport CT
147 Cantor Mark Perman Simsbury CT
148 Rabbi James Prosnit Bridgeport CT
149 Rabbi Yaakov Reef Falls Village CT
150 Rabbi Liz Rolle Stamford CT
151 Rabbi Aaron Rosenberg Waterford CT
152 Rabbi Jeremy Schwartz Willimantic CT
153 Rabbi Rick Shapiro Westport CT
154 Rabbi Jeffery M. Silberman Westport CT
155 Rabbi Hesch Sommer Guilford CT
156 Rabbi Josh Whinston Cheshire CT
157 Rabbi Charles Feinberg Washington DC
158 Rabbi Gilah Langner Washington DC
159 Rabbi Jessica Lott Washington DC
160 Rabbi Jessica Oleon Washington DC
161 Rabbi Marc Saperstein Washington DC
162 Rabbi shira stutman washington DC
163 Student Rabbi Max Yadin Washington DC
164 Rabbi Daniel Zemel Washington DC
165 Rabbi Michael Kramer Hockessin DE
166 Rabbi Douglas Krantz Townsend DE
167 Rabbi Yair Robinson Wilmington DE
168 Rabbi Richard Agler TAVERNIER FL
169 Rabbi Aviva Bass Coconut Creek FL
170 Rabbi Bradd Boxman Parkland FL
171 Rabbi Carla Freedman Sun City Center FL
172 Rabbi Janie Grackin West Palm Beach FL
173 Rabbi Garson Herzfeld Tampa FL
174 Rabbi Moshe Heyn Miami FL
175 Rabbi Sheldon Isenberg Gainesville FL
176 Rabbi Jonathan Katz Sarasota FL
177 Rabbi Ralph Kingsley Aventura FL
178 Rabbi Jeffrey Kurtz-Lendner Cooper City FL
179 Rabbi Lewis Littman Fort Lauderdale FL
180 Rabbi Alan Litwak North Miami Beach FL
181 Rabbi Larry Mahrer Parrish FL
182 Rabbi Dr. Susan Marks Sarasota FL
183 Rabbi Paul Menitoff Palm Beach FL
184 Rabbi Stephen Moch St. Thomas FL
185 Rabbi Stephen Pinsky Wellington FL
186 Rabbi Andy Shugerman Miami FL
187 Rabbi Cheryl Weiner Hollywood FL
188 Rabbi Sylvin Wolf Naple FL
189 Rabbi Arnold Belzer Savannah GA
190 Rabbi Joshua Lesser Atlanta GA
191 rabbi scott saulson atlanta GA
192 Rabbi Alvin Sugarman Atlanta GA
193 Rabbi Melvin Libman Honolulu HI
194 Rabbi Peter Schaktman Honolulu HI
195 Rabbi Henry Karp Davenport IA
196 Cantor Linda Shivers Des Moines IA
197 Rabbi Daniel Fink BOISE ID
198 Rabbi Lisa Bellows Buffalo Grove IL
199 Rabbi Paul Cohen Northfield IL
200 Cantor Michael Davis Evanston IL
201 Rabbi Ellen Dreyfus Homewood IL
202 Rabbi Laurence Edwards Chicago IL
203 Rabbi Bruce Elder Highland Park IL
204 Rabbi Cindy Enger Chicago IL
205 Rabbi Sam Feinsmith Evanston IL
206 Rabbi Hillel Gamoran Evanston IL
207 Rabbi Gary Gerson River Forest IL
208 Rabbi Maralee Gordon Woodstock IL
209 Rabbi Suzanne Griffel Chicago IL
210 Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann Chicago IL
211 Cantor Aviva Katzman Chicago IL
212 Rabbi Allan Kensky Evanston IL
213 Rabbi Rebecca Lillian Chicago IL
214 Rabbi Andrea London Evanston IL
215 Rabbi Scott Looper Vernon Hills IL
216 Rabbi Rachel Mikva Chicago IL
217 Rabbi Nina Mizrahi Skokie IL
218 Rabbi Brant Rosen Evanston IL
219 Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg Evanston IL
220 Student Cantor Lindsay Schoenberger Northbrook IL
221 Rabbi Robert Schreibman Lincolnshire IL
222 Rabbi Isaac Serotta highland park IL
223 Dr./Student Rabbi Rachel Weiss Skokie IL
224 Rabbi Lew Weiss Indianapolis IN
225 Rabbi Mark Levin Overland Park KS
226 Student Rabbi Elana Nemitoff Leawood KS
227 Rabbi Moti Rieber Lawrence KS
228 rabbi Alexandria Shuval-Weiner overland park KS
229 Cantor David Lipp Louisville KY
230 Rabbi H D Uriel Smith Lexington KY
231 Student Rabbi Leora Abelson Boston MA
232 Rabbi Susan Abramson Bedford MA
233 Student Rabbi Alana Alpert Jamaica Plain MA
234 Rabbi Stephen Arnold Hingham MA
235 Rabbi Rachel Barenblat Lanesboro MA
236 Student Rabbi Laura Bellows Boston MA
237 Rabbi Caryn Broitman Vineyard Haven MA
238 Hazzan Shoshana Brown Fall River MA
239 Rabbi Getzel Davis Cambridge MA
240 Rabbi H. Bruce Ehrmann Randolph MA
241 Rabbi Edward Feld Northampton MA
242 Rabbi Sue Fendrick Newton MA
243 Rabbi Nancy Flam Northampton MA
244 Student Rabbi Ari Lev Fornari Boston MA
245 Rabbi Jeff Foust Newton MA
246 Student Rabbi Lev Friedman Waban MA
247 Rabbi Joyce Galaski Amherst MA
248 Rabbi Everett Gendler Great Barrington MA
249 Rabbi Carol Glass Newton MA
250 Rabbi Neal Gold Wayland MA
251 Rabbi Emma Gottlieb Canton MA
252 Rabbi Arthur Green Newton MA
253 Rabbi Hillel Greene Jamaica Plain MA
254 Rabbi Terry Greenstein Sharon MA
255 Rabbi Neil Hirsch Brookline MA
256 Rabbi Janie Hodgetts Newton MA
257 Rabbi Shulamit Izen Boston MA
258 Rabbi Eliana Jacobowitz Somerville MA
259 Rabbi Raphael Kanter New Bedford MA
260 Rabbah Emily Aviva Kapor Cambridge MA
261 Rabbi Emma Kippley-Ogman Brookline MA
262 Rabbi Margie Klein Brighton MA
263 Rabbi Neil Kominsky Brookline MA
264 Rabbi Ira Korinow Haverhill MA
265 Rabbi Raquel S. (Riqi) Kosovske Northampton MA
266 Rabbi Claudia Kreiman Brookline MA
267 Student Rabbi Joseph Laur Wendell MA
268 Rabbi Adam Lavitt Jamaica Plain MA
269 Rabbi Michele Lenke Needham MA
270 Rabbi David Lerner Lexington MA
271 Rabbi Michael Luckens Concord MA
272 Rabbi Emily Mathis West Roxbury MA
273 Rabbi Bernard Mehlman Brookline MA
274 rabbi Rim Meirowitz Winchester MA
275 Student Rabbi Margot Meitner Boston MA
276 Rabbi Tracy Nathan Waltham MA
277 Student Rabbi Salem Pearce Boston MA
278 Rabbi Barbara Penzner West Roxbury MA
279 Rabbi Miriam Philips Andover MA
280 Rabbi Victor Reinstein Jamaica Plain MA
281 Rabbi Derek Rosenbaum Newton MA
282 Rabbi Kerrith Rosenbaum Newton MA
283 Student Rabbi Ken Rosenstein Boston MA
284 Cantor Robert Scherr Williamstown MA
285 Rabbi Rachel Schoenfeld Allston MA
286 Rabbi David Seidenberg Northampton MA
287 Rabbi Mark Shapiro Springfield MA
288 Student Rabbi Rhonda Shapiro-Rieser Greenfield MA
289 Rabbi Scott Slarskey Brighton MA
290 Rabbi Judith Spicehandler Sudbury MA
291 Rabbi Toba Spitzer Lexington MA
292 Rabbi Keith Stern Newton MA
293 Student Rabbi Avi Strausberg brookline MA
294 Rabbi Andrew Vogel Brookline MA
295 Rabbi Moshe Waldoks Brookline MA
296 Rabbi Brian Walt West Tisbury MA
297 Rabbi Sheila Weinberg Amherst MA
298 Rabbi Benjamin Weiner Deerfield MA
299 Rabbi Talya Weisbard Shalem Medford MA
300 Student Rabbi ora weiss newton centre MA
301 Rabbi Henry Zoob Westwood MA
302 Rabbi Karen SORIA Winnipeg MB
303 Rabbi Donald R Berlin Saint Michaels MD
304 Rabbi Leila Gal Berner Rockville MD
305 Rabbi Binyamin Biber Silver Spring MD
306 Cantor Emily Blank Mount Rainier MD
307 Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin Baltimore MD
308 Rabbi Jonathan Cohen Greenbelt MD
309 Rabbi George Driesen Bethesda MD
310 Rabbi John Franken Baltimore MD
311 Rabbi Susan Grossman Columbia MD
312 Rabbi Floyd Herman Baltimore MD
313 Rabbi Jason Kimelman-Block Silver Spring MD
314 Rabbi Jack Luxemburg Rockville MD
315 Rabbi Saul Oresky Silver Spring MD
316 Rabbi Elizabeth Richman Silver Spring MD
317 Rabbi Gila Ruskin Baltimore MD
318 Rabbi Fred Scherlinder Dobb Bethesda MD
319 Rabbi Sunny Schnitzer Bethesda MD
320 Rabbi Sid Schwarz Rockville, MD
321 Rabbi Gerald Serotta Chevy Chase MD
322 Rabbi David Shneyer Rockville MD
323 Rabbi Michelle Stern Baltimore MD
324 Rabbi Alana Suskin Rockville MD
325 Rabbi Steve Weisman Bowie MD
326 Student Rabbi Aviva Zohav Rockville MD
327 Cantor Michael Zoosman Hyattsville MD
328 Rabbi David Freidenreich Portland ME
329 Rabbi Hillel Katzir Auburn ME
330 Rabbi Darah Lerner Bangor ME
331 Rabbi Sara Adler Ann Arbor MI
332 Rabbi Chava Bahle Suttons Bay MI
333 Rabbi Jonathan Berger Farmington Hills MI
334 Rabbi Robert Dobrusin Ann Arbor MI
335 Student Rabbi Nathan Fuchs Lathrup Village MI
336 Rabbi Robert Marx Saugatuck MI
337 Rabbi Michal Woll Ann Arbor MI
338 Rabbi Michael Zimmerman Williamston MI
339 Rabbi Morris Allen Mendota heights MN
340 Rabbi Shoshana Dworsky St. Paul MN
341 Rabbi Amy Eilberg Mendota Heights MN
342 Rabbi Michael Adam Latz Minneapolis MN
343 Rabbi Adam Stock Spilker St. Paul MN
344 Rabbi David Steinberg Duluth MN
345 Rabbi Douglas Alpert Kansas City MO
346 Rabbi James Bennett Saint Louis MO
347 Rabbi Randy Fleisher St. Louis MO
348 Rabbi Edwin Harris Saint Louis MO
349 Rabbi Justin Kerber Saint Louis MO
350 Rabbi Lane Steinger Saint Louis MO
351 Rabbi Jeffrey Stiffman St. Louis MO
352 Rabbi Susan Talve St. Louis MO
353 Rabbi Debra Kassoff Jackson MS
354 Student Rabbi Seth Oppenheimer Starkville MS
355 Rabbi Philip Bentley Hendersonville NC
356 Rabbi Susan Cowchock Bahama NC
357 Rabbi Lucy Dinner Raleigh NC
358 Rabbi Andrew Ettin Pfafftown NC
359 Rabbi Frank Fischer Chapel Hill NC
360 Rabbi Jonathan Freirich Charlotte NC
361 Rabbi John Friedman Durham NC
362 Rabbi Raachel Jurovics Raleigh NC
363 Rabbi Ari Margolis Raleigh NC
364 Cantor Jacqueline Marx Carrboro NC
365 Rabbi Batsheva Meiri Weaverville NC
366 Rabbi Eric Solomon Raleigh NC
367 Rabbi Jennifer Solomon Raleigh NC
368 Rabbi Dr. Barbara Thiede Concord NC
369 Rabbi Aryeh Azriel Omaha NE
370 Rabbi Robin Nafshi Concord NH
371 Rabbi Julia Andelman Teaneck NJ
372 Rabbi Noah Arnow Cherry Hill NJ
373 Rabbi Justus Baird Princeton NJ
374 Rabbi Israel Dresner Wayne NJ
375 Rabbi Daniel Epstein Fair Lawn NJ
376 Rabbi Susan Falk Belle Mead NJ
377 Rabbi Ruth Gais Summit NJ
378 Rabbi Erin Glazer Westfield NJ
379 Cantor Orna Green Teaneck NJ
380 student rabbi robert green montclair NJ
381 Rabbi David Greenstein Montclair NJ
382 Rabbi Daniel Grossman Lawrenceville NJ
383 Rabbi Debra hachen Jersey City NJ
384 Rabbi Richard Hammerman Caldwell NJ
385 Cantor Russell Jayne Boonton NJ
386 Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster Teaneck NJ
387 Student Rabbi Adena Kemper Jersey City NJ
388 Rabbi Mark W. Kiel Woodcliff Lake NJ
389 Rabbi Charles Kroloff Westfield NJ
390 Rabbi Benjamin Levy Monroe Township NJ
391 Rabbi Randall Mark Wayne NJ
392 Cantor Martha Novick Springfield NJ
393 Rabbi George Nudell Scotch Plains NJ
394 Rabbi Michael Pont Marlboro NJ
395 Rabbi Sally J. Priesand Ocean Township NJ
396 Rabbi Laura Rappaport Morris Plains NJ
397 Rabbi Douglas Sagal Westfield NJ
398 Rabbi David Saltzman Boonton NJ
399 Rabbi Barry Schwartz Leonia NJ
400 Rabbi Elliott Tepperman WEST ORANGE NJ
401 Rabbi Lawrence Troster Teaneck NJ
402 Rabbi David Vaisberg Edison NJ
403 Rabbi David M. Weis Northfield NJ
404 Rabbi Jonathan Woll Glen Rock NJ
405 Rabbi Deborah Brin Albuquerque NM
406 Maggid Andrew Gold Santa Fe NM
407 Rabbi Shefa Gold JEMEZ springs NM
408 Rabbi Nahum Ward Santa Fe NM
409 Rabbi Malcolm Cohen Las Vegas NV
410 Rabbi Yocheved Mintz Las Vegas NV
411 Rabbi David Adelson New York NY
412 Student Rabbi Steven Altarescu Bronx NY
413 Rabbi Renni Altman Great Neck NY
414 Cantor Dana Anesi Chappaqua NY
415 Student Rabbi Trisha Arlin Brooklyn NY
416 Rabbi Guy Austrian New York NY
417 Cantor Deborah Avery White Plains NY
418 Rabbi Samuel Barth new york NY
419 Student Cantor Lucy Batterman New York NY
420 Rabbi Marci Bellows Wantagh NY
421 Hazzan Freyda Black Chemung NY
422 Rabbi Rena Blumenthal New Paltz NY
423 Rabbi Daniel Bronstein brooklyn NY
424 Rabbi Marcus Burstein Dobbs Ferry NY
425 Rabbi Ayelet Cohen New York NY
426 Rabbi Rachel Cowan NY NY
427 Student Rabbi Sarah DePaolo New York NY
428 Cantor Ellen Dreskin Ardsley NY
429 Student Cantor Nancy Dubin NYC NY
430 Rabbi David Ellenson New York NY
431 Rabbi Barat Ellman Brooklyn NY
432 Rabbi Daniel Epstein Spring Valley NY
433 Rabbi Michael Feinberg New York NY
434 Rabbi Marla Feldman New York NY
435 Rabbi Meir Feldman Great Neck NY
436 Student Rabbi Jason Fenster Rochester NY
437 Rabbi Brian Fink Brooklyn NY
438 Rabbi Ellen Flax New York NY
439 Rabbi Zachary Fredman New York NY
440 Rabbi Michael Friedman New York NY
441 Rabbi Jonah Geffen New York NY
442 Student Rabbi Philip Gibbs New York NY
443 Rabbi Robert Gluck Albany NY
444 Rabbi Irwin Goldenberg FOREST HILLS NY
445 Rabbi A. Bruce Goldman New York NY
446 Student Rabbi Megan Goldman New York NY
447 Rabbi Debra Goldstein New York NY
448 Rabbi Paul Golomb Poughkeepsie NY
449 Rabbi David Gordis Voorheesville NY
450 Rabbi Debora Gordon Troy NY
451 Student Rabbi Jodie Gordon Brooklyn NY
452 Rabbi Laurie Green Buffalo NY
453 Rabbi Dr. Michael Greenwald Canton NY
454 Rabbi Eytan Hammerman Mahopac NY
455 Rabbi Jill Hausman New York NY
456 Rabbi Mark Hurvitz New York NY
457 Rabbi David Ingber New York NY
458 Rabbi Jill Jacobs New York NY
459 Rabbi Jennifer Jaech Peekskill NY
460 Student Rabbi Andrue Kahn New York NY
461 Rabbi Molly Karp New City NY
462 Rabbi Marc Katz Brooklyn NY
463 Rabbi Peg Kershenbaum New City NY
464 Student Rabbi Avi Killip Bronx NY
465 Student Rabbi Daniel Kirzane Bronx NY
466 Rabbi Jason Klein New York NY
467 Rabbi Sharon Kleinbaum New York City NY
468 Rabbi David L Kline Brooklyn NY
469 Rabbi Paul Kurland Nanuet NY
470 Rabbi Daniel Lehrman New York NY
471 Cantorial Student Lauren Levy Brooklyn NY
472 Rabbi Jonathan Lipnick New York NY
473 Rabbi Ellen Lippmann Brooklyn NY
474 Rabbi Neal Loevinger Poughkeepsie NY
475 Cantor Abbe Lyons Ithaca NY
476 Rabbi Jonathan Malamy White plains NY
477 Rabbi Marc Margolius New York NY
478 Rabbi Jeffrey Marker Brooklyn NY
479 Rabbi J Rolando Matalon New York NY
480 Rabbi Lev Meirowitz Nelson New York NY
481 Rabbi Michael Mellen New York NY
482 Rabbi Joshua Minkin Brooklyn NY
483 Student Rabbi Steven Morris New York NY
484 Rabbi David Nelson Tivoli NY
485 Rabbi Sue Oren Brooklyn NY
486 Cantor Barbara Ostfeld Buffalo NY
487 Student Rabbi Jesse Paikin New York NY
488 Student Rabbi Shuli Passow New York NY
489 Rabbi Ephraim Pelcovits NEW YORK NY
490 Rabbi William Plevan New York NY
491 Rabbi Allen Podet Williamsville NY
492 Rabbi Charles P Rabinowitz Larchmont NY
493 Student Rabbi Jonah Rank Syosset NY
494 Rabbi Sarah Reines New York NY
495 Cantor Elana Rosen-Brown Brooklyn NY
496 Rabbi David Rosenn New York NY
497 rabbi Jennie Rosenn New York NY
498 Rabbi Jeffrey Roth New Paltz NY
499 Rabbi Alvin Sandberg New York NY
500 Student Rabbi Juliana Schnur New York NY
501 Rabbi Joel Schwab Middletown NY
502 Rabbi Fred Schwalb Croton On Hudson NY
503 rabbi Randy Sheinberg new hyde park NY
504 Student Rabbi Ellie Shemtov Bronx NY
505 Rabbi Marion Shulevitz New York NY
506 Rabbi Burt Siegel New York NY
507 Student Rabbi Jacob Siegel New York NY
508 Rabbi David Siff Brooklyn NY
509 Rabbi Jonathan Slater Hastings on Hudson NY
510 Rabbi Joel Soffin ny NY
511 Rabbi Felicia Sol NY NY
512 Rabbi Abigail Sosland Hartsdale NY
513 Rabbi S david sperling Peekskill NY
514 Rabbi Joshua Strom New York NY
515 Rabbi Yaffa-Shira Sultan Accord NY
516 Rabbi Robert Summers New York NY
517 Rabbi Lennard Thal New York NY
518 Rabbi Burton Visotzky New York NY
519 Rabbi Pamela Wax Bronx NY
520 Rabbi Seth Wax New York NY
521 Rabbi Josh Weinberg New York City NY
522 Rabbi Tom Weiner White Plains NY
523 Rabbi Simkha Y. Weintraub Brooklyn NY
524 Rabbi Nancy Wiener New York NY
525 Rabbi Dan Wigodsky White Plains NY
526 Student Cantor Tamara Wolfson Scarsdale NY
527 Cantor Sarah Zemel New Rochelle NY
528 Rabbi Lina Zerbarini Lynbrook NY
529 Student Rabbi Rachel Zerin New York NY
530 Rabbi Jonathan Zimet New York NY
531 Cantor Jack Chomsky Columbus OH
532 Student Rabbi Rachel Gross-Prinz Cincinnati OH
533 Rabbi Abie Ingber Cincinnati OH
534 Rabbi Joshua Jacobs-Velde Youngstown OH
535 Rabbi Amy Jacques Columbus OH
536 Rabbi Matthew Kraus Cincinnati OH
537 Rabbi Alan Lettofsky Cleveland OH
538 Rabbi Lee Moore Kent OH
539 Rabbi Ariel Naveh Cincinnati OH
540 Rabbi Ofer Sabath Beit-Halachmi Cincinnati OH
541 Rabbi Sheldon Switkin Columbus OH
542 Rabbi Misha Zinkow Columbus OH
543 Rabbi David Zisenwine Yehud OH
544 Rabbi Elizabeth Bolton Ottawa ON
545 Rabbi Michael Dolgin Toronto ON
546 Rabbi Edward Elkin Toronto ON
547 Rabbi Lawrence Englander Mississauga ON
548 Rabbi Ilyse Glickman Thornhill ON
549 Rabbi Aaron Levy Toronto ON
550 Student Rabbi Anna Maranta Ottawa ON
551 Rabbi Shalom Schachter Toronto ON
552 rabbi stephen wise oakvill ON
553 Rabbi Benjamin Barnett Corvallis OR
554 Rabbi Maurice Harris Eugene OR
555 Rabbi Johanna Hershenson Bend OR
556 Rabbi Yitzhak Husbands-Hankin Eugene OR
557 Rabbi Debra Kolodny Portland OR
558 Rabbi Ariel Stone Portland OR
559 Rabbi Joey Wolf Portland OR
560 Rabbi Professor Yehoyada Amir Jerusalem ot
561 Rabbi Neil Amswych Bournemouth ot
562 Rabbi Arik Ascherman Jerusalem, Israel ot
563 Rabbi Sigal Asher Haifa, Israel ot
564 Student Rabbi Robyn Ashworth-Steen London ot
565 Rabbi Mauricio Balter Beer Sheva ot
566 Rabbi Ehud Bandel Jerusalem ot
567 Rabbi Tovia Ben-Chorin Berlin ot
568 Rabbi Stephen Berkowitz PARIS ot
569 Rabbi Francis Berry Bristol ot
570 Rabbi Janet Burden London ot
571 rabbi steve burnstein kibbutz gezer, israel ot
572 Rabbi Simcha Daniel Burstyn Kibbutz Lotan ot
573 Student Rabbi Haim Casas London ot
574 Rabbi Douglas Charing Leeds ot
575 Rabbi Yehonatan Chipman Jerusalem ot
576 Rabbi Howard Cooper London UK ot
577 Rabbi Rogerio Cukierman Sao Paulo ot
578 Rabbi Janet Darley Kingston upon Thames ot
579 Rabbi Stanley Davids Jerusalem, Israel ot
580 Rabbi Gail Diamond Jerusalem ot
581 Rabbi Judith Edelman-Green Kfar Sava ot
582 Rabbi Colin Eimer Londson England ot
583 Rabbi Warren Elf Bury ot
584 Rabbi Yoav Ende Kibbutz Hanaton, Israel ot
585 Rabbi Ohad Ezrahi Israel ot
586 Rabbi Daniel Farhi Issy les Moulineaux (Paris) ot
587 Rabbi Lynn Claire Feinberg Oslo ot
588 Rabbi Paul (Shaul) Feinberg jerusalem/har adar ot
589 Rabbi Paul Freedman Hertfordshire, UK ot
590 Rabbi Stuart Geller Jerusalem ot
591 Rabbi Rosalind Glazer Jerusalem ot
592 Rabbi Amanda Golby London ot
593 Rabbi Miri Gold Kibbutz Gezer ot
594 Rabbi Mordechai Goldberg Jerusalem ot
595 Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb Jerusalem ot
596 Student Rabbi Naomi Goldman London ot
597 Rabbi Aaron Goldstein Rickmansworth ot
598 Rabah Ariella Graetz Kibbutz Hannaton Israel ot
599 Rabbi Yehiel Greniman Jerusalem, ISRAEL ot
600 Rabbi Hetty Groeneveld Tilburg, the Netherlands ot
601 Rabbi/Dr. Rebekah Gronowski EDINBURGH ot
602 rabbi benjie gruber yahel ot
603 Rabbi Dov Haiyun Haifa ot
604 Student Rabbi Roberta Harris London ot
605 Rabbi nava hefetz Jerusalem ot
606 Student Rabbi Lauren Henderson Jerusalem ot
607 Rabbi Michael Hilton LONDON ot
608 Rabbi Victor Hoffman Jerusalem Israel ot
609 Rabbi Margaret Jacobi Birmingham UK ot
610 Rabbi Richard Jacobi London ot
611 Cantor Zoe Jacobs London ot
612 Student Rabbi Marisa Elana James Jerusalem, Israel ot
613 Rabbi Laura Janner-Klausner London ot
614 Rabbi Amita Jarmon Jerusalem ot
615 Rabbi Jeffrey Kamins Woollahra ot
616 Rabbi Shoshana Kaminsky Adelaide ot
617 Rabbi Elisa Klapheck Frankfurt, Germany ot
618 Rabbi Amy Klein lehavot habashan ot
619 Rabbi Tamar Kolberg Ra’anana ot
620 Rabbi Sandra Kviat London ot
621 Rabbi James Lebeau Jerusalem ot
622 Rabbi Barry Leff Jerusalem ot
623 Rabbi Idit Lev Haifa, Israel ot
624 Rabbi Joel Levy jerusalem ot
625 Student Rabbi Daniel Lichman London ot
626 Rabbi David Lilienthal Jerusalem ot
627 rabbi navah-tehila livingstoner utrecht ot
628 Rabbi Professor Jonathan Magonet London ot
629 Rabbi Dalia Marx Jerusalem ot
630 Rabbi Monique Mayer Bristol, UK ot
631 rav ela meron Pardess Hanna Israel ot
632 Student Rabbi Jessica Kate Meyer Jerusalem ot
633 Rabbi Jeremy Milgrom Re’ut, Israel ot
634 Rabbi David Mitchell London ot
635 Rabbi Alan Morse Shorashim ot
636 Rabbi Lea Muhlstein London ot
637 Student Cantor Sarah Myerson Jerusalem ot
638 Rabbi Hannah Nathans Zeist ot
639 Rabbi Haviva Ner David Kibbutz Hanaton, Israel ot
640 Dr./Student Rabbi Hannah Neudecker Warmond, Netherlands ot
641 Rabbi Jeffrey Newman London ot
642 Rabbi Joel Oseran Jerusalem ot
643 Cantor Jalda Rebling Berlin/GErmany ot
644 Rabbi/Dr. Ed Rettig Modiin ot
645 Rabbi Stanley Ringler Mevasseret Zion ot
646 Rabbi Peretz Rodman Jerusalem ot
647 Student Rabbi Clary Rooda Amsterdam ot
648 Rabbi Amirit Rosen Jerusalem ot
649 Rabbi David Rosen Jerusalem ot
650 rabbi sylvia rothschild london ot
651 Rabbi Galia Sadan Tell Aviv, Israel ot
652 Rabbi Elli Sarah Brighton and Hove ot
653 Rabbi Haim Shalom Manchester, England (UK) ot
654 Rabbi Gail Shuster-Bouskila Kfar Saba ot
655 Cantor Gershon Silins London ot
656 Rabbi Reuven Silverman Manchester ot
657 Rabbi Susan Silverman Jerusalem ot
658 Rabbi Kineret Sittig Amsterdam ot
659 Rabbi Hank Skirball Jerusalem, Israel ot
660 Rabbi Daniel Smith Edgware, UK ot
661 Rabbi Adam Stein North caulfield ot
662 rav anita steiner ashkelon ot
663 Rabbi Gideon Sylvester Jerusalem ot
664 Rabbi Jacqueline Tabick London ot
665 Rabbi Larry Tabick London ot
666 Rabbi Gary Tishkoff Zichron Ya’akov ot
667 Rabbi Ma’ayan Turner Jerusalem ot
668 Student Rabbi Kath Vardi Manchester ot
669 Rabbi Lila Veissid Emek Hefer, Israel ot
670 Rabbi Lee Wax London ot
671 Rabbi Levi Weiman-Kellman Jerusalem, Israel ot
672 Rabbi Herbert Weinberg jerusalem ot
673 rabbi Kobi Weiss Geva Carmel ot
674 Rabbi Leon Wiener Dow Jerusalem ot
675 Rabbi Alexandra Wright London ot
676 Rabbi Moshe Yehudai Raanana ot
677 Rabbi Debbie Young-Somers London ot
678 Rabbi Corrie Zeidler Utrecht ot
679 Rabbi אהרן זינגר Israel ot
680 Rabbi נעמי מעודד Israel ot
681 Rabbi ברייאן ריזובי Israel ot
682 rabbi judith abrahamson Bensalem PA
683 Student Rabbi Jake Adler Philadelphia PA
684 Rabbi Rebecca Alpert Philadelphia PA
685 Student Rabbi David Basior Philadelphia PA
686 Rabbi Marjorie Berman Clarks Summit PA
687 Rabbi Phyllis Berman Philadelphia PA
688 Rabbi Rabbi Anna Boswell-Levy Huntingdon Valley PA
689 Rabbi Judith Brown Flourtown PA
690 Rabbi Reba Carmel Philadelphia PA
691 Rabbi Henry Cohen Wynnewood PA
692 Student Rabbi Tamara Cohen Philadelphia PA
693 Rabbi Meryl Crean Elkins Park PA
694 Rabbi Art Donsky Pittsburgh PA
695 Rabbi DAYLE FRIEDMAN Philadelphia PA
696 Student Rabbi Elana Friedman Philadelphia PA
697 Rabbi Serena Fujita Lewisburg PA
698 Rabbi Jonathan Gerard Easton PA
699 Rabbi Shai Gluskin Philadelphia PA
700 Rabbi Susanne Greenberg West Chester PA
701 Rabbi Lauren Herrmann Philadelphia PA
702 Hazzan Naomi Hirsch Philadelphia PA
703 Rabbi Linda Holtzman Philadelphia PA
704 Cantor Ellen Jaffe-Gill Philadelphia PA
705 Cantor jack kessler philadelphia PA
706 Rabbi Myriam Klotz Philadelphia PA
707 Rabbi Yaacov Kravitz Abington PA
708 Rabbi Nancy Kreimer philadelphia PA
709 Student Rabbi David Levin Wynnewood PA
710 Rabbi Judd Levingston Philadelphia PA
711 Rabbi Annie Lewis Philadelphia PA
712 Student Rabbi Jacob Lieberman Philadelphia PA
713 Rabbi Mordechai Liebling Philadelphia PA
714 Rabbi Jill Maderer Philadelphia PA
715 Rabbi Mark Mahler Pittsburgh PA
716 Rabbi Nina Mandel Selinsgrove PA
717 Rabbi Eliot Marrus Reading PA
718 Rabbi Nathan Martin Philadelphia PA
719 Rabbi Vivie Mayer Elkins Park PA
720 Rabbi Goldie Milgram Philadelphia PA
721 Rabbi David Mivasair State College PA
722 Rabbi Marcia Prager Philadelphia PA
723 Rabbi Paula Reimers Lebanon PA
724 Student Rabbi Heath Reynolds Philadelphia PA
725 Student Rabbi Jessica Rosenberg Philadelphia PA
726 Rabbi Daniel Ross Philadelphia PA
727 Student Rabbi Ruhi Sophia Rubenstein Philadelphia PA
728 Rabbi Alanna Sklover Philadelphia PA
729 Cantor Kerith Spencer-Shapiro Swarthmore PA
730 Rabbi Reena Spicehandler Philadelphia PA
731 Rabbi Jacob Staub Philadelphia PA
732 Rabbi Robert Tabak Melrose Park PA
733 Rabbi David Teutsch Philadelphia PA
734 Rabbi Arthur Waskow Philadelphia PA
735 Student Rabbi Alexander Weissman Philadelphia PA
736 Rabbi Avi Winokur Philadelphia PA
737 Rabbi Adam Zeff Philadelphia PA
738 Rabbi Jonathan Brumberg-Kraus Providence RI
739 Rabbi Michelle Dardashti Providence RI
740 Rabbi James Rosenberg Providence RI
741 Cantor Elliot Taubman Block Island RI
742 Rabbi Jeremy Master Greenville SC
743 Rabbi Harry Danziger germantown TN
744 Rabbi Amy Cohen Austin TX
745 Rabbi Geoffrey Dennis Flower Mound TX
746 Rabbi Samuel Karff Houston TX
747 Rabbi Nancy Kasten Dallas TX
748 Rabbi Sue Levy Houston TX
749 Rabbi Ralph Mecklenburger Fort Worth TX
750 Rabbi Joshua Taub Beaumont TX
751 Rabbi Dennis Beck-Berman Petersburg VA
752 Rabbi Rosalind Gold Reston VA
753 Rabbi Bonny Grosz Reston VA
754 Rabbi Jeffrey Saxe Falls Church VA
755 Rabbi Scott Sperling Winchester VA
756 Rabbi Howard Cohen Bennington VT
757 Rabbi David Edleson Lincoln VT
758 Religious Leader David Fainsilber Stowe VT
759 Rabbi Shana Margolin Montpelier VT
760 Rabbi Jill Borodin Seattle WA
761 Rabbi Daniel Bridge Seattle WA
762 Cantor Leah Elstein Tacoma WA
763 Rabbi Ted Falcon Seattle WA
764 Rabbi Seth Goldstein Olympia WA
765 Rabbi Jay Heyman Seattle WA
766 Rabbi Bruce Kadden Tacoma WA
767 Rabbi Anson Laytner Seattle WA
768 Rabbi Jill Levy Mercer Islanda WA
769 Rabbi Marna Sapsowitz Olympia WA
770 Cantor David Serkin-Poole Bellevue WA
771 Rabbi Daniel Weiner Seattle WA
772 Rabbi Stanley Yedwab Mercer Island WA
773 Rabbi Joshua Ben-Gideon Madison WI
774 Rabbi Rebecca Ben-Gideon Madison WI
775 Rabbi Marc Berkson Milwaukee WI
776 Rabbi Jonathan Biatch Madison WI
777 Rabbi David Brusin Whitefish Bay WI
778 Rabbi Dan Danson Wausau WI
779 Rabbi Tiferet Gordon Whitefish Bay WI
780 Rabbi Bonnie Margulis Madison WI
781 Rabbi Laurie Zimmerman Madison WI

Where Does The Name Ganei Ha’Ela Come From?

Rabbi Dovid Gottlieb’s new community is named for Emek Ha’Ela, the Ela Valley, which is situated just on the outskirts of Beit Shemesh, Israel.

Emek Ha’Ela is where the battle of David and Goliath took place (Book of Samuel 17).

The story is that Saul and his army were camped in Emek Ha’Ela when Goliath the giant challenged them daily to one-on-one combat to settle the battle with the Philistines. David took up the challenge. Without any armor, but rather with a slingshot and the help of God, he triumphed over the giant.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy In Israel?

House prices and property demand are rising in Israel, fuelled by better-than-expected economic growth. In 2012, the average price of owner-occupied dwellings in Israel averaged $299,086.

There is a range in housing prices depending on area.

Tel Aviv has the country’s most expensive housing, with an average price of $516,056. Jerusalem is next, at around $411,534.


WJRO Renews Call For Private Property Restitution In Poland

The World Jewish Restoration Organization (WJRO) launched a new website last month,, in an effort to renew its call for Poland to return private property stolen from Jews during the Holocaust or the subsequent communist era to its rightful owners.

The new website provides detailed information about restitution; Poland is the only major country in Central or Eastern Europe that has refused to pass legislation returning this private property.