Saying Yes to the Dress and more

Marketing Promotion Before the “to have and to hold,” there is usually the “to plan and to chart.” Planning a wedding is no easy task, and what’s popular can change as quickly as your Pinterest board. Thankfully, there are a few current trends to provide some wedding guidance. The one overarching theme: vintage. Traditional, classic… Read More

Top Medical Issues Facing Seniors Run Gamut

The advent of humans living longer — sometimes into triple digits — has brought on a plethora of health problems that seniors must cope with. While some issues are remnants of past health choices, there are measures that seniors, and soon-to-be seniors, can take to mitigate future health concerns. Dr. Steven Gambert is a professor… Read More

Until 120: A Mixed Blessing?

In Genesis 6:3, after creating people and watching them multiply, God promptly put a limit on humans’ lifespans, setting the maximum number of years at 120. If that’s the number we’re shooting for as a species, we haven’t quite reached our full potential yet. But would we want to? “Depressive disorders are much more common”… Read More

Changing Priorities as You Age

Aging requires resiliency, creativity and adaptability, and it can lead to great self-discovery. Why are we sometimes surprised when someone in their 60s, 70s, 80s or 90s becomes more creative, starts a new meaningful relationship, offers sound advice or begins a new endeavor or interest? Since growing older is an inevitable part of life, why… Read More

Inside Scoop: Where to Shop

Unless you’re roughing it in a tent, your basic needs for summer camp likely will be covered by shopping Target or Wal-Mart. But a visit to provides tools that will help you organize your thoughts when making that all-important packing list. The site is so popular and helpful that 270 camps have recommended it…. Read More

Inside Scoop: Friendships Are the Key

Summer camp is generally an on-the-go adventure, but undoubtedly there may be those times when your camper will be sitting on his or her bunk in need of something to do to fill the time. Camp Louise alum Ayme Lederman says her two daughters, who also attend Louise, have much less free time†than she did… Read More

Inside Scoop: Fashion vs. Practicality

Perhaps the next most difficult decision for a parent after choosing a camp for his or her kids is deciding what to send along with them. In 2016, while some camp traditions such as oversized sweatshirts remain, others have long ago faded. Stacy Schwartz Frazier, assistant director of Camp Louise in Cascade, Md., said when… Read More

Marji Arnheim

Marji Arnheim, 45, is a Camp Louise alumna who attended from 1976 to 1987 before becoming a counselor the following year. Since 2007, she has served as a staff photographer and has watched her two boys follow in her footsteps at Camp Airy. What were your favorite things at camp? As a young camper, I… Read More