Diversity in Programming Vast array of academic programs in nearby private schools prove popular with parents

Parents in the Jewish community have many choices when determining which school will provide the best foundation for their child. Many have turned to private schools due to the academic and extracurricular programs they offer, and some Jewish families choose schools that include a religious component, even if it is not Jewish. [pullquote]“Learning should be… Read More

Eco-friendly lunch boxes


As more and more parents try to pack their kids healthier school lunches and school systems have grappled with providing healthier options, eco-friendly lunch boxes and packaging are becoming more common in schools too. Whether it’s a metal lunch box or an insulated carrier, students seem to be ditching the days of plastic and paper… Read More

Lockers That Rock

In 2011, The New York Times declared middle school lockers “the latest frontier in nesting.” Four years later, that trend seems to have remained in girls’ lockers. Looking to exercise their creativity and create a little place in school completely of their own, plain metal lockers in schools throughout the country now feature rugs, wallpaper,… Read More

Flashback Jill Suffel


From a very young age, it was instilled in Jill Suffel that education is of the utmost importance. Although she majored in mass communications at Villa Julie College, now Stevenson University, she soon went back to school for teaching. After seven years at Bedford Elementary School in Pikesville and a break from teaching to have… Read More

Online Options Course offerings can meet students where they are, academically or geographically


Online classroom technology provides a robust computer-based educational experience and instructor interaction that for some learners can make the difference between access to knowledge and not having access at all. At the start of its fourth year of academic course offerings, Bonim B’Yachad, an online Israeli-based education company that delivers religious and academic content to… Read More

Under Pressure Organization challenges narrow version of success


As students prepare for their first day back to school after summer break with newly bought clothes and fresh supplies, many will return to campus with a weight on their shoulders. “Everybody wants their kid to be successful, but I’d argue pushing your child too hard ensures the opposite of what you’re hoping for,” said… Read More

Single and Childless Demographics have shifted as more Jewishwomen pursue things other than having a family

Melanie Notkin (Ana Schechter)

In recent decades, the number of women of child-bearing ages who are childless has gone up significantly. In 1976, 35 percent of American women of fertility age, 15 to 34, were childless. In 2012, that number jumped to about 46 percent, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. If you break the 2012… Read More

Kathy Fried

Kathy Fried was born and raised in Baltimore with an education from the University of Pennsylvania. She knows what it’s like to start at the bottom and work up the corporate ladder. She is now a managing partner for the Lindler Fried Group, a marketing and communications firm based in Baltimore, with two decades of… Read More