A Thing Called Love JDate partnership to help Ramah alumni kindle campfires of romance


NEW YORK — Beth and Jeff Kopin are one of an estimated 700 married couples to have met at one of the Conservative movement’s Ramah camps. The Kopins, who fell in love at Ramah Wisconsin in the 1970s, went on to raise a flock of “Ramahniks.” “There’s this family feeling if you meet another Ramahnik,”… Read More

Back at Jewish Boot Camp Shaping a Jewish identity, collecting tools along the way


It’s pretty accurate to say that when I began seventh grade, my life changed. Navigating a new student body, and then spending three weeks at Herzl Camp in nearby Webster, Wis., gave me the tools to begin carving out my Jewish identity, and many decades later, I’m still whittling away at it. In elementary school,… Read More

On Bookshelves Inside Scoop


“Summer on the Short Bus” by Bethany Crandell Running Press Book Publishers, 2014. 256 pages Nook Book and paperback Bethany Crandell’s debut novel is a perfect pick for the young adult in your life. “Summer on the Short Bus” tells the story of 17-year-old Cricket Montgomery, an over-privileged and entitled teen with tons of attitude…. Read More

Bad Hair Days Inside Scoop - Health


It’s drop-off day at summer camp and smiles are everywhere. Campers and counselors share hugs, music blares from outdoor speakers, and parents greet one another. But before they can bid their parents goodbye, the kids must pass the mandatory pre-admission lice check. Campers who have lice will be sent home to be treated and will… Read More

Education Inside Scoop


Does your middle school or high school student prefer curling up with a good book to playing sports, doing arts and crafts or singing around a campfire? If so, the Great Books Camp may be a perfect fit. Started as a three-day program in 2002, the innovative camp now offers eight-week sessions at Amherst College… Read More

Deadline Approaching for Diller Teen Awards

Baltimore teens have three weeks left to levy their volunteer work for a $36,000 scholarship from the Helen Diller Family Foundation. The deadline for nominations for the annual Tikkun Olam Awards is Dec. 14. The contest seeks to recognize and reward Jewish teens for exemplary volunteerism and commitment to the cause of perfecting the world…. Read More

Study: Women Give More


It’s long been known that religiously affiliated individuals give more than their secularly identified counterparts, but a new report from Indiana University’s Women’s Philanthropy Institute challenges the prevailing conventional wisdom that faith is the primary impetus for giving. As it turns out, gender and age also play a role. The “Women Give 2014” report concludes… Read More

Iconic Pushke Gets Upgrade


The Jewish National Fund announced earlier this year a new version of its charity-collecting pushke — the Blue Box, as it is best known. Over the years, the Blue Box has been an iconic symbol for American Jews of their link to the Jewish state. “More than a century old, our little Blue Box is… Read More

David L. Carp


Volunteerism has long been synonymous with participation in the Jewish community for David L. Carp, a devoted and active member of Har Sinai Congregation who grew up in Ashburton and now lives in Greengate near Quarry Lake in Pikesville with wife Marilyn. While growing up, Carp and his family regularly helped raise funds for projects… Read More

2 Generations, 1 Goal

When I was growing up, the go-to act of generosity in our house was “put some money in the pushke.” No matter the occasion — illness, big test at school, job interview, Shabbat — my mom would always remind us to tie this act of micro-philanthropy to our important moments in life. I never knew… Read More