Science. Technology. Engineering. Math.

Science. Technology. Engineering. Math. Four words that make up an acronym that has become pervasive in the world of education. Day schools and yeshivot, according to Elliot Lasson of Joblink of Maryland, Inc., “have a responsibility to legitimately and adequately expose students to science and math classes so that they will at least consider those… Read More

Paul Bolenbaugh

A legend in Baltimore’s Jewish community, Paul Bolenbaugh, 75, has been teaching students — first at Pikesville High School and, for the last 10 years, at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School — for almost 50 years. The JT caught up with Bolenbaugh, who teaches history, during his summer vacation to explore what’s changed and what’s… Read More


[slideshow id=”Kinderkool”] “Ms. Cohen said we have to have 24 red pens,” says a pouting second-grader. “That’s ridiculous, Jacob. You must have written it down wrong,” says his harried mother. “Mom, can I have this backpack? It’s got ‘Monsters University’ on it,” says the fourth-grader. … Oh, and the lunchbox too. Almost $250 later, Mom… Read More

Physical Challenge

Tamar Kiewe, 14, enjoys being active and loves playing sports. And, for the most part, she says, she was one of the few girls who actually participated in her physical education class at Pikesville Middle School. But, there’s one element of P.E. that puzzles her: the regular smattering of fitness tests. Timed runs, push-ups, sit-ups,… Read More

Sticks & Stones

Can a 4-year-old be a bully? Donna Kane, Jewish Community Services school and camp consultant, says bullying behavior can happen in preschool, but she stresses there is a distinction to be made between bullying and developmentally age-appropriate behavior. “If a child is grabbing a toy from another child, it can look like bullying, but it… Read More

Clowning Around

There’s a certain level of satisfaction in making a roomful of people crack up. And, as a career class clown, it’s one I’ve experienced time and time again. My peak came during freshman year of college, when a quick-witted response to a question led to my 250-student economics lecture erupting in laughter. (The professor was… Read More

In Any Language …

After a month in Israel this summer, David Gevarter arrived home with a suitcase full of laundry and a much better grasp of Hebrew. “I learned a lot of words that I wouldn’t have retained had I just read them from a dictionary — words that came in handy reading the signs,” says Gervarter, a… Read More

The Great Sleep Debate

There have been times that teacher Joel Monroe has resorted to dropping a stack of books next to the desk of a sleeping student. Monroe, chairman of the history department at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, doesn’t do it because he’s a mean guy. It’s just that sometimes he has to resort to drastic measures… Read More

School Choice

“My son is happy for the first time in years — and engaged and intellectually stimulated.” That is a message that Aleeza Oshry wants parents to hear. Oshry moved her son, Yitzchak, 14, to Baltimore Polytechnic Institute’s Ingenuity Project for the 2012-2013 school year. She says for the past decade she has been struggling to… Read More

Out Of Bounds

It could start with a pat on the back, a hug, even a high-five. These seemingly innocent gestures, under appropriate circumstances, can serve as encouragement and congratulations for child athletes. But for adults with sinister intentions, these actions can be the springboards into “grooming” the children under their supervision into sexual relationships. “It’s called ‘blurring… Read More