Money counts … A Lot

Maayan Jaffe Mazal tov. You’re getting married. The whole world is wide open to you — but daddy’s wallet isn’t anymore. When it comes to finances, says Josh Hurewitz, counselor coordinator of Mesila, young couples are best off getting educated and starting out on the right foot. Mesila, an international Jewish nonprofit with a branch… Read More

Budget honeymoons offer plenty of romance

David Holzel So much planning and expense goes into a wedding that couples often find themselves busting their budget even before they start thinking about the honeymoon. There are still ways to enjoy a romantic escape without digging into the rent money. Here are seven suggestions for honeymooning on a limited budget.

Someone’s Old, Someone’s New …

Every bride imagines herself picture-perfect on her wedding day, but the perfect gown isn’t necessarily new By Lauren Robinson It’s a dream shared by mothers and daughters alike — passing a beloved wedding gown from one generation to the next. Alas, that dream doesn’t always come true. A wedding dress needs lots of TLC if… Read More

To Israel With Love

Nefesh B’Nefesh makes aliyah sweeter than ever Simone Ellin Nefesh B’Nefesh wants you to move to Israel. The Israeli organization is committed to helping American Jews make aliyah as easily as possible. In order to do so, NBN provides assistance with employment, government advocacy, financial aid and more. The organization is courting young American Jews… Read More

From One Groom to Another

Veteran helps the rookies Emily Jacobs While planning a wedding may be the most exciting time for the bride, those months of invitation meetings, tastings with the caterer and photography sessions may not be as much fun for the groom. But how should the groom know when to be involved and when to let his… Read More