No End to Education, Learning Is for Life

Opportunities for senior citizens to continue their education provide valuable platforms to engage with their peers and to hone facets of their intellect and memory. It’s no secret that keeping one’s mind sharp is essential to both mental and physical well-being. That’s exactly the aim of a class offered at Weinberg Village in Owings Mills… Read More

Jewish Healing: Connected to Theology and History

According to rabbinic lore, there was no aging process until Abraham and no disease until Jacob (Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 107b). According to legend, death came instantly through a sneeze, returning to God the “breath of life” breathed in through the nostrils at creation (Genesis 2:7). This is the origin of responding with expressions meaning “To… Read More

Baby Boomers, Undeterred, Plan to Travel Often in 2017

Everyone loves vacation, and, according to data collected by AARP, most baby boomers — those born between 1946 and 1964 — said they will take at least one vacation in 2017, and on average, five. The survey was conducted through e-rewards, a website that provides incentives to participate in online surveys, according to Patty David,… Read More

When it’s Time to Give Up a Pet

Helping our loved ones navigate the realities of aging — such as recognizing when it is time to give up the family pet — can be heart-wrenching. As life revolves full circle, you may find yourself in the position of taking away the dog from the very person who rounded out your childhood experiences by… Read More

Baltimore Attractions Gear Up for Family-Friendly Summer

A lot of times it is the tourists who hit up places like the Inner Harbor or Maryland Zoo more than those who live here. However, this spring and summer, the main attractions in Baltimore are that for a reason — and some of the best kid-oriented, family-friendly destinations. From cruises on the Bay and… Read More

The Scoop on Summer Arts Camps

Baltimore’s wide range of cultural offerings don’t just cater to adults. Artistically inclined kids can find and fulfill their creativity this summer at an impressive number of local camps. We’ve highlighted a few of them. Habimah Arts Camp at the JCC’s Owings Mills campus brings a wide range of the area’s art offerings to one… Read More

Howard County Offers Diverse Camp Experiences

For Jessica Harvey, running her own summer camp is a good way to turn the page from the school year after being cooped up inside a classroom. Harvey, a third-grade teacher at Scotchtown Hills Elementary School in Laurel, has operated Adventures in Camp since 2005 to provide children ages 3 to 12 with fun, hands-on… Read More

How Jewish is Jewish Camp?

For most parents, it is important to consider what factors dictate the Jewish identity of a camp, since the camp experience can go a long way in helping a child form his or her Jewish identity. For many, sleepaway camps provide the best option. Being away from parents can provide children with the opportunity to… Read More

Could It Be Magic? The Transformative Power of Sleepaway Camp

Renowned child psychologist Michael Thompson, author of “Homesick and Happy: How Time Away from Parents Can Help a Child Grow,” has written that there are three reasons that the residential camp experience remains so magical: being away from one’s parents; the relationship between campers and counselors; and inhabiting a camp’s “private world with its own… Read More

A Dip in the Pool

Despite January’s chill, now is a good time to start considering which swim camps and clubs might be best for your child or children. Padonia Park Club, 12006 Jenifer Road, Cockeysville Padonia Park Club CEO Kathy Angstadt reports that her location offers six pools. “Three of which are in our ‘children’s zone,’” Angstadt said. This… Read More