‘Walking in Antarctica’ with Owings Mills Artist Helen Glazer

More than a decade ago, when Helen Glazer first entertained the idea of applying as an artist in residence at the bottom of the world, she had one image in her head: flat and white. But after applying to the National Science Foundation’s Antarctic Artists & Writers Program six times over 10 years, she was… Read More

Chasidic Folk Band Zusha Set to Play Baltimore

The trio of bearded hipsters may be part of the tribe, but the impact of their wordless melodies has stretched far beyond the Jewish community. Three years after Zusha made a name in the music realm, with its debut EP ranking No. 9 on Billboard’s World Music Chart, the folk band is scheduled to bring… Read More

Kugel Contest Showcases Dishes with a Twist

Beside the tray of kugel prepared by Bill Marker lay a black-and-white portrait of his late mother — the woman responsible for sparking his interest in the dish more than 30 years ago. “I wanted to bring her with me,” Marker said. He removed the golden frame containing her photo from the wall of his… Read More

Memoir Details Young Author’s Year in Israel

One barely has to read past the first paragraph of “Culture Shock,” a memoir by Pikesville native Elana Rubin, to know that the story will follow an American middle-school-aged girl on her way to live in Israel for 12 months. What might surprise some is how recently the author’s trip took place. The essays in… Read More

Charity Provides Top-Shelf Items to Needy Families

Mordechai Roizman has a heart for those in need: After Hurricane Sandy wreaked devastation across New York City and coastal New Jersey, he joined those helping residents who had lost everything, pitching in to help distribute food, clothing and dry goods. But Roizman, a 48-year-old veteran of boardroom battles and executive strategy sessions knew that,… Read More

Disasters, Catastrophes, Mass Murders: How to Cope with the Trauma on TV

The cavalcade of natural and unnatural disasters unfolding across the United States and the world seem recently to be more frequent while growing exponentially in their horror and destruction: hurricanes, earthquakes, mass shootings, not to mention a political landscape fraught with tension and the threat of nuclear war. Even for those not personally affected by… Read More

Beth El to Host New Annual Event

It’s an evening that has been years in the making, and one that members of Beth El Congregation won’t soon forget. The debut of “LIVE from Beth El” is expected to attract 800 to 1,000 Baltimoreans to the synagogue at 7:30 p.m. on Thursday, Oct. 19. Congregants have long-anticipated the annual event, featuring live entertainment,… Read More

Sukkot Around Town

HOMEY HUT: This humble yet cozy sukkah has made an appearance for more than a decade in Charm City. Without fail, Bill Marker and Nan Tuckett have worked together each year to construct a temporary dwelling in their 0.007-acre backyard. The husband and wife playfully refer to the small haven outside their 1850s home as… Read More

The League Celebrates 90 Years

John Meyer is a firm believer that charity begins at home. So when a family friend insisted he visit The League for People with Disabilities, he did not hesitate. It took barely any time for Meyer to become hooked on the idea of getting involved. The 52-year-old Owings Mills resident has always enjoyed helping others… Read More