Nationwide Shabbat dinners address violence in Charlottesville

Shabbat tables across the nation will celebrate diversity and denounce bigotry during Together at the Table tonight. The event, a response to the violence that plagued the streets of Charlottesville, Va. on Saturday, is intended to engage Shabbat guests in civil, constructive dialogue about community issues. Meals will be hosted in at least 700 homes in… Read More

You Should Know… Hanah Tanenholtz

The desire to “experience something different” encouraged Hanah Tanenholtz to leave her comfort zone and settle halfway around the world for the summer. “I knew it would be life changing,” she said. The Howard County native was one of 24 young adults to participate in Baltimore Onward Israel, an eight-week summer internship program based in… Read More

Eating Together Program Still Vital and Still Kosher

More than 40 seniors sat down for a full kosher meal at Weinberg Village in Owings Mills on a recent Friday evening thanks to the Eating Together program, which serves seniors hot meals at 36 sites across Baltimore County and 59 sites in Baltimore City and in counties across the state. At Weinberg Village, and… Read More

Getting Connected

Last Friday, I tagged along with one of our photographers to a barbecue at Beth Am Synagogue Rabbi Daniel Cotzin Burg’s house, where we got some of the photos you’ll see in this week’s paper, including the cover photo. It was a Shabbat gathering for BAYITT, Beth Am’s 20s and 30s group, which davened after… Read More

Israeli Dancing Captures Essence of Jewish State

Echoing through Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School’s sleek-tiled hallway on Wednesday nights around 9 o’clock is an eclectic mixture of music. Notes of samba, the sounds of Greek bouzoukis, Arabic and Hebrew singing and Russian melodies carom down the hall, mingling together to give rhythm to, of all things, Israeli dance. The nine dancers of… Read More

You Should Know… Gabriel Stuart-Sikowitz

Gabriel Stuart-Sikowitz has always wanted to make a positive impact in the lives of others, citing tikkun olam as his source of motivation. In Baltimore City, Stuart-Sikowitz, 26, of Federal Hill applies that Jewish principle as chief of staff for Councilwoman Shannon Sneed (D-District 13),who was elected to her seat last November. “I always try… Read More

No Worries

Much like in communities across the state and country, Columbia is at a crucial point with its Jewish community. Its population is aging, and its Jewish institutions aren’t seeing the numbers of young people coming through the doors as they did during previous generations. But as you’ll read in James Whitlow’s cover story this week,… Read More

Whom Should Israel Fear Most? Parshat Ekev

It seems that an unholy alliance of international bodies conspire to condemn Israel at every possible opportunity, delegitimizing its existence, its holy sites, its economy … the list seems to be endless. The process is directed against all aspects of Israel’s religious, political, social and economic structures in an attempt to weaken the will of… Read More

Ron Snyder Fulfills Dream with New Wrestling Book

Professional wrestling has long been about larger-than-life personas and storylines: Unexpected double- crossing. Rags-to-riches superstars. Action-packed entertainment. But that’s just the half of it. In many cases, wrestlers spend years working on their in-ring personality, fine-tuning their moves and absorbing constant punishment in hopes of one day reaching the sport’s highest level. And that’s the… Read More

You Should Know… Alex Trakhtman

Although he confesses to being a workaholic, Alex Trakhtman doesn’t see that as a negative. Quite the contrary, the 31-year-old home builder has been working, happily, since the age of 12 and attributes his work ethic to the entrepreneurial roots fostered by his close-knit Ukrainian family. Born in the Republic of Moldova, close to the… Read More