From the Sukkah to the Chuppah

Bracha & Aryeh Goetz First Date: Lunch at a friend’s sukkah during Sukkot, October 1978 Wedding Date: March 25, 1979 Venue: The Ramada Shalom Hotel in Jerusalem Residence: Upper Park Heights Favorite Activity: Reconnecting at every Friday night dinner Bracha and Aryeh were born just three blocks from each other in Queens, N.Y., but met for the first time across… Read More

A Love Fueled by Happiness

Rheta & Bernard “Bunny” Rosen First Date: June 1958, dinner and mini-golf Wedding Date: June 14, 1959 Venue: Rogers Avenue Shul and bride’s parents’ house Residence: Owings Mills Favorite Activity: Spending time together and with family Bernard “Bunny” Rosen’s friend Mel told him: “I have somebody for you to meet. She’s big-boned, but she’s really nice.” Despite Mel’s questionable salesmanship… Read More

‘Don’t Take This the Wrong Way’

Sharon & Eric Carr First Date: July 20, 1992, dinner and a movie Wedding Date: June 9, 1996 Ceremony: Beth El Congregation Reception: Martin’s Westminster Residence: Owings Mills Favorite Activity: Relaxing at home Sharon Askin and Eric Carr quickly learned the word “indifference” while senior prom dates at Randallstown High School in 1987. They met… Read More

Love Letters

Muriel & Art Shefrin First Date: Fall 1953, movie and dinner Wedding Date: Oct. 6, 1956 Venue: The Broadway Central Hotel, Manhattan Residence: Pikesville Favorite Activity: Traveling the East Coast and taking walks together Arthur Shefrin would have had to answer to his parents if he hadn’t married Muriel Richelson, but it didn’t matter. His… Read More

The Next Day

Lauren & Steve Rutkovitz First Date:  March 1985, the Rusty Scupper Wedding Date: Sept. 20, 1986 Ceremony: Beth Israel Congregation Reception: The Forum Residence: Owings Mills Favorite Activity: Going to the beach Lauren Pollack and Steve Rutkovitz became friends while attending Randallstown High school in the late 1970s. Steve graduated and studied business at Frostburg… Read More

Simply Compatible

Linda & David Koren First Date: Jan. 10, 1986, Westview Cinema and Pargo’s Restaurant Wedding Date: Sept. 20, 1986 Venue: Chizuk Amuno Congregation Residence: Venice, Fla. Favorite Activity: Walking together   For a few years, David Koren, with friends Carl and Robin Goodman, rented a townhouse in Randallstown. The Goodmans set him up with Linda… Read More

Miles for Love

Rebecca and Max  Brondfield First Date: John Harvard Bar Mitzvah Event at Harvard Hillel, Nov. 7, 2009 Wedding Date: May 29, 2016 Venue: Vintners Inn, Santa Rosa, Calif. Residence: San Francisco, Calif. Favorite Activity: Wine tasting and cooking   As Harvard University Hillel’s president, Rebecca Gillette always was busy. So when a friend introduced Max… Read More

Love Deepens

Marilyn & Alan  Riffkin First Date: December 1962  for ice skating Wedding Date: July 3, 1966 Venue: Richfield Caterers,  Verona, N.J. Residence: Silver Spring, Md. Favorite Activity: Dining out A glance at a JCC dance in  December 1962 was all it took. Marilyn Friedman, a high school senior, spied Alan Riffkin, a student at Rutgers… Read More

Walk the Talk

Amanda & Noah  Isserman First Date: June 16, 2012, Golden West Café  in Hampden Wedding Date: Sept. 5, 2015 Venue: Westin Annapolis Residence: Arlington, Va. Favorite Activity: Running; dining out and  the movies In May 2012, Amanda Schnitzer traveled to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Bethesda, Md., office for a meeting. She spotted… Read More


Ellen & Chuck Donen First Date: January 1955 Wedding Date: June 24, 1956 Venue: Union Temple, Brooklyn, New York Residence: North Oaks in Pikesville Favorite Activity: Being together   Ellen Krakower and Charles Donen first met on a blind date in Brooklyn, N.Y. A friend arranged a blind date for Ellen and asked her to… Read More