Summertime and the Livin’ is Kosher

(David Stuck)

Ah … summertime is officially here. And so is reading outdoors in the shade. And what is my favorite read? Cooking magazines, of course! I get many, but my favorite is Joy of Kosher by Jamie Geller.  Other magazines present a challenge to turn nonkosher recipes into kosher ones, but this is summertime, and I… Read More

You Should Know …
Alex VanNess


For more than a decade, Alex VanNess has been a proponent of positive dialogue about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Born and raised in Detroit, he ended up in Washington D.C., to practice political science at a lobbying firm. After working for a couple of congressmen, VanNess became the director of Middle East Peace and Security Policy… Read More

You Should Know … Ben Sigelman

Ben Sigelman (Photo by Melissa Gerr)

To Pikesville native Ben Sigelman, 25, a soccer ball isn’t just a piece of sports equipment to kick around on a field, it’s representative of the personal development — physical, intellectual and creative — that’s possible for a young person to attain and integrate into all areas of his or her life. Sigelman is deeply… Read More

You Should Know … Ellie Brown

Ellie Brown (photo by Marc Shapiro)

By morning, she’s playing with and teaching toddlers at the Downtown Baltimore JCC, and by night, she’s hosting Charm City Tribe happy hours and events. “Downtown” Ellie Brown, as her JCC co-workers appropriately call her, helps keep the city’s Jewish community connected as the JCC’s downtown program manager. The 26-year-old Westchester, Pa., native’s Judaism took… Read More

Celebrating Shavuot … and More

(© McCausland)

Shavuot is a two-day holiday that celebrates the giving of the Torah. Dairy foods are often eaten because when receiving the Torah, the Jewish people could not cook meat in pots that had not yet been kashered. Honey and fresh fruits are served because learning the Torah is equated with much sweetness. It is said… Read More

You Should Know … Dan Samuels

Dan Samuels (Photo by Adam Barry)

Since 2006, Dan Samuels has been working behind the scenes and on stage to enrich the Baltimore music scene. The 28-year-old Bucks County, Pa., native provides the drums for local bands Brooks Long and the Mad Dog No Good, J Pope and Funk Friday and the Bumper Jacksons. Samuels also works as an organizer for… Read More

You Should Know … Shlomo Bolts

Shlomo Bolts (Photo by David Stuck)

For nearly a decade, Shlomo Bolts, 27, has been an activist for human rights and against war atrocities as well as a proponent of Jewish-Arab dialogue. Born in New Jersey and raised Orthodox Jewish in Miami, he attended Jewish day school. He became involved in Middle East issues at Columbia University, where he majored in… Read More

Start Your Summer with Yummy, Healthy Foods

(David Stuck)

Memorial Day weekend truly announces the beginning of everything summer. Juicy redberries and blueberries march out in time for our patriotic red, white and blue summer holidays. Of all the berries looking for attention, those blackberries call out to me the most.  They are simple, dark and juicy, and you can eat them, cook or… Read More

You Should Know … Eric McCormick

Eric McCormick (Provided)

Columbia resident Eric McCormick runs Critter’s Inflatable, which makes life jackets for our four-legged friends. His dad started the company eight years ago after getting a patent and turned the business over to his son last year. McCormick, 35, grew up in Bowie and Severna Park, attended Temple Solel in Bowie and became involved in… Read More

Kids’ Soccer Leagues Aim to Bridge Israel’s Religious Divide

Members of the Tzav Pius team for 13-year-olds sing the team anthem following a practice.
(Ben Sales)

PARDES HANNA, Israel — When Yoel decided, at age 8, to begin observing Shabbat, there was one problem: It meant he couldn’t join most of Israel’s youth soccer teams, which played games on Saturday. Yoel, now 12, has always lived in the increasingly large gray area between Israel’s starkly divided religious and secular Jewish societies…. Read More