Playful, Poignant Faunette

Artist Ruth 
Channing inspects a print in her Mount Vernon studio. .

Ruth Channing moved to Paris after a two-year stint at the Rhode Island School of Design to study printmaking and etching at the acclaimed experimental studio Atelier 17 in her early 20s. She quickly became enchanted and smitten with the history, culture and sensuality of her surroundings. There, she said, “everything seemed to be soaked… Read More

Handle with Care

Haverford College President Daniel Weiss will take over as head of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York this summer.

HAVERFORD, Pa. — Visiting the Memorial de Caen museum in Normandy, France, in 1996, Daniel Weiss was captivated by eight photographs showing the public hanging of three partisans in Minsk, Belarus, on Oct. 26, 1941. The two male victims’ identities were known, but the female was anonymous, and Weiss set out to learn who she… Read More

A Real Hit

Vegetarians will love the offerings at Nationals Park.

I have spent nearly 40 years covering all kinds of sports, but I must admit that I love baseball the best. There is nothing better than an afternoon at the ballpark in the warm sun with a couple of hotdogs (mustard and relish, of course), a bag of unshelled peanuts and a cold beverage. Vendors… Read More

It All Adds Up


Now that the deadline has passed to submit your taxes, you may be dreaming about what to buy with your refund check, but the president of a wealth management group in Bethesda believes your time would be better spent making sure you don’t receive a refund next year. According to Charlie Meyers of Meyers Meighan… Read More

Scarf Maven


Local businesswoman Terri Kane is best known to her national and international clientele as the “scarf maven.” Now she can add published author to her title with the release of her humorous memoir, “Scarf Maven Ties One On.” With a whopping 28,000 scarves sold in the last four years, it’s clear that the Baltimore-based top-rated… Read More

Bridging Sounds, Bridging Cultures

Idan Raichel performs at the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday, April 22. (Provided)

Israeli singer-songwriter Idan Raichel got the pre-tour jitters in anticipation for his American tour — changing the set list, figuring out how to incorporate his band into the performance and even tinkering with his own instrument. “I’ve been waiting for this tour for a long time,” he said. He decided to perform on a grand… Read More

Post-Passover Palate


Ah, Pesach! At first the matzah delights us with its spiritual symbolism and its culinary versatility: farfel, cake meal, matzah brei and more. But by the end of Pesach, we call out “Dayenu!” Enough with the matzoh. Time to return to our leavened life and cleanse our palate so that next spring our bellies pine… Read More

Free-spending Marlins?

Joel Mael sees long-term success for the Marlins with their new money 

MIAMI — For Joel Mael, the Shabbat- observing vice chairman of the Miami Marlins, the team’s free spending in the offseason was wise from a financial perspective. Signing Giancarlo Stanton, 25, to a record 13-year, $325 million contract and fellow outfielder Christian Yelich, 23, to a seven-year, nearly $50 million deal were parts of a… Read More

In Character

Ayelet Tsabari: “I love accessing 
different characters … that 
are not necessarily me.”

Ayelet Tsabari acted as a child and teen, appearing in Habima’s youth performances in Israel, a commercial and some student films. Although Tsabari no longer acts, the author of the award-winning “The Best Place on Earth” feels that the experience of fiction writing is not entirely unlike acting. “I love accessing different characters to put… Read More

Stepping Up Her Game

Roland Park Country School senior Jenna Baverman will compete for Team Israel at the Women’s 2015 U19 Lacrosse World Championship in Scotland this summer. (Photos Provided)

On a chilly Sunday morning, the ground still wet from a recent snowfall, Jenna Baverman runs through lacrosse drills, showing off her speed, strength and intensity with every move. She radiates power borne out of long hours in the gym and a commitment to keeping her body in peak performance readiness. It is little wonder… Read More