The Universality of Loss: ‘Falling Out of Time’ World Premiere


There is assuredly no pain greater than losing a child. Israeli novelist and public intellectual David Grossman lost his youngest son, Uri, in the final hours of the second Lebanon War. His grief was primal, elemental and profoundly personal. But as an act of healing, Grossman sought to capture the universality of the grieving process… Read More

You Should Know … Celia Neustadt

Celia Neustadt (photo by Marc Shapiro)

From a young age, Celia Neustadt was aware of the stark differences between Baltimore City and Baltimore County. The 26-year-old was born and raised in Charles Village but went to Krieger Schechter Day School, giving her a unique perspective few people her age had. She attended Baltimore City College for high school, where she was… Read More

Happy Fun Purim! A Real Favorite

Hamantaschen (By Photo by David Stuck)

A group of Jewish women were recently asked what their favorite holiday was.  The majority answered, “Purim!”  Why?  Because it is fun, can be participated in by all ages and, oh those delicious hamantaschen. All of the princess gear available make the holiday a standout for girls with beautiful costumes to become Queen Esther. And… Read More

Catering to Love for 75 Years


Louis and Edith Bluefeld have settled into a comfortable marital rhythm in their relationship. He’s the talker, but she chimes in with details. She plans everything, but he’s the happy socializer. It works for them. And it should. After all, they’ve spent 75 years perfecting it. The Bluefelds married Feb. 23, 1941 and just celebrated… Read More

Baltimore Jewish Film Festival Kicks Off This Weekend

“Diplomacy” plays on April 5. (provided)

The Gordon Center for Performing Arts hosts the 28th annual William and Irene Weinberg Family Baltimore Jewish Film Festival from March 12 through April 17. The festival features dramas, documentaries, comedies and even an animated film by filmmakers from Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, Germany, Venezuela, Argentina, Sweden and the Netherlands. “What’s… Read More

The Operatic Homecoming of Jeffrey Buchman

Jeffrey Buchman with his wife, Rosa Mercedes. Buchman is directing a production of “Il Barbiere di Siviglia” next week at the Lyric Opera House. (Provided)

Jeffrey Buchman’s return to Baltimore is a homecoming in more ways than one. It’s true in the literal sense — he is a Charm City native and still has family in the area — but it is also the moment of his  career coming full circle. Buchman’s career as an opera singer and director started… Read More

Coming to Terms with a Nazi Past


In the 70 years since World War II, the word “Nazi” has become shorthand in the cultural lexicon for a wide spectrum of ills and can be thrown around rather carelessly. But what happens when someone discovers her relative was an actual Nazi? Jennifer Teege felt her whole identity called into question when she happened… Read More

You Should Know … Jared Ciner

Jared Ciner (Photo by Justin Katz)

Jared Ciner, 26, has always been passionate about helping others. After attending the University of Maryland, where he studied psychology, he split his time between working at Jubilee, an organization that provides support for individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities, and working as a personal trainer. But he was yearning to connect his passions… Read More

Gallery Captures Variety, Complexities of Israeli Experiences

“And hopes that set them sailing in other directions” by Dorit Feldman

Capturing the complexity of Israel and the Palestinian territories and the varied identities of the region’s inhabitants and their deep, complicated relationships with the land is a tall order, but that is exactly what J. Susan Isaacs and Martin Rosenberg present in “Visions of Place: Complex Geographies in Contemporary Israeli Art.” The exhibition, on display… Read More

New Book Prompts Soul-Searching in Lithuania about Holocaust-Era Complicity

Ruta Vanagaite

As the author of a best-seller that deals with female sexuality after 50, the Lithuanian novelist Ruta Vanagaite is used to embarrassing questions from journalists about her private life. But even she was astonished when a reporter for a popular television station demanded to see her birth certificate to ascertain the veracity of claims that… Read More