Baltimore’s ‘Rockin’ Rabbi’ Remembers Meeting Tom Petty in Israel

Thirty years ago, Baltimore resident Avraham Rosenblum found himself standing at the Western Wall explaining to Tom Petty that it was the holiest place in Judaism, and that the foundation stone below the Dome of the Rock is considered the foundation stone of the universe. “That’s a pretty wild rock,” Petty said as he walked… Read More

‘Curb’ Returns to New Comedy Era With Same Old Schtick

Four years ago, Susie Essman, known for her role as volatile Susie Greene on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” told Philadelphia’s Jewish Exponent, an affiliated publication of the Baltimore Jewish Times, she “would do another season in a heartbeat.” The HBO smash went on an indefinite hiatus in 2011 after eight seasons, banking on its no-hold-back attitude… Read More

Why Obama’s Former Speechwriter Calls Him the Most Jewish President Ever

He was just 24, but speechwriter David Litt had already become President Barack Obama’s go-to guy for anything considered “kishke-related.” In Litt’s parlance, that meant he wrote the president’s speeches aiming to connect with Jewish Americans on a gut level — things like holiday and anniversary commemorations, but not, say, Israel or foreign policy. That… Read More

You Should Know… Meghann Schwartz

Meghann Schwartz, 33, always knew she wanted a career in the Jewish community. The Brookeville resident and mother of four kids, ranging in age from 20 months to 8 years, is associate director of the Jewish Federation of Howard County. With master’s degrees in Jewish communal service and nonprofit management from Baltimore Hebrew University and… Read More

BT Student Publishes Investment Book for Kids

By the time you were 17, what was your biggest accomplishment? Maybe the middle school soccer team you were on won the state championship or that band you started in high school won a battle of the bands. For Tal Boger, a junior at Beth Tfiloh Dahan Community School, both his interests and his accomplishments… Read More

A Perfect Match: The Stoop Joins JMM to Celebrate Jewish Weddings

Like all the best weddings, the event evoked poignant moments and laughter as the 100 or so guests gathered in the Lloyd Street Synagogue to witness, well, not a wedding, but stories about them. The Jewish Museum of Maryland’s “Just Married: Wedding Stories from Jewish Maryland” exhibit paired up with The Stoop Storytelling Series to… Read More

For CrossFit Cantor, It’s All About Discipline

The sun has barely crept over the horizon when Rhoda Harrison leaves her Mount Washington home for a fitness center tucked into the outskirts of Baltimore City. For nearly a year, the ordained rabbi and cantor has exercised religiously at Nevermore CrossFit, one of the approximately 80 CrossFit facilities in the Maryland area. Harrison, 51,… Read More

‘My Shtetl Baltimore’ A Historical Window into Growth of Orthodox Community

In the opening of his just-released memoir, “My Shtetl Baltimore: Stories and Recollections By a Native Son,” Eli W. Schlossberg defends his use of the word shtetl in his title — a word that conjures images of Eastern European Jewish villages, where little boys in knickers and forelocks played among close-set whitewashed cottages. “Do real… Read More

Manhattan’s Only Vineyard Is Run by This 89-Year-Old Iraqi Jew

NEW YORK — Latif Jiji looks over this year’s crop at Chateau Latif with an expression of satisfaction. If you’ve never heard of Chateau Latif, you’re not alone. In fact, your favorite sommelier probably hasn’t heard of it, either. It’s not from the south of France, nor is it from Napa Valley. Rather, it’s terroir… Read More