Park Heights, Slade Avenue Mansion for Sale

The mansion at Park Heights and Slade avenues is now up for sale by Yaffe Real Estate for $1.35 million. (David Stuck)

The mansion at Park Heights and Slade avenues is once again on the market for $1.35 million. The property, which sits deep in the heart of Baltimore’s Jewish community, was initially purchased by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA to be renovated and used as a mosque. Dr. Faheem Younus, president of the Baltimore chapter of… Read More

Art Teacher Wins iPad in Manischewitz Contest

A local art teacher won an iPad Air 2 Plus and a $500 Visa gift card for her entry into Manischewitz’s #MANIMACS contest. Glyndon resident Debra Rogers, who teaches art at Cromwell Valley Elementary School in Towson, made a sheep using chocolate almond macaroons, marshmallows and icing. “I thought my sheep was pretty darn cute,”… Read More

Comptroller Addresses BJC Luncheon

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot addresses the Baltimore Jewish 
Council on May 14.
(Justin Katz)

Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot had a clear message for residents at the Baltimore Jewish Council’s Politically Connect luncheon on May 14. The biggest challenge facing Maryland? “Money is not the issue,” said Franchot. “The issue is management.” It was a line Franchot repeated several times through the course of the event, during which the Democrat… Read More

Weinberg Foundation Awards $400K in Post-Riot Grants

The Harry and Jeanette Weinberg Foundation awarded $400,000 in emergency grants to 10 Baltimore-area nonprofits following the riots that took place after the death of Freddie Gray last month. The foundation, which provides $100 million in annual grants to nonprofits that serve low-income and vulnerable people in the United States and Israel, awarded the money… Read More

Hometown Connection

There is a Baltimore connection to the May 8 Focus on History story, “Nobel Medal of German Doc Who Shielded Jews Brings $395K.” Nate D. Sanders, of Nate D. Sanders Auctions of Los Angeles that handled the transaction, was born in Baltimore, where he lived until he and his parents moved to Pikesville in the… Read More

Israel Doesn’t Need Fox News

Letter-writer Joseph Trost (Your Say, May 1) counsels Baltimore Jewry to “Turn to Fox News” for accurate and credible reporting and analysis when it comes to information about Israel and the Middle East. Ridiculous. And here’s the most recent example why. With regard to media coverage of the Baltimore protests and rioting, Baltimore Sun media… Read More

Unite Through Constructive Criticism

A May 8 Your Say letter (“J Street: No Friend of Israel”) states that we Jews are known for our “understanding nuance, etc.” I agree that criticism of Israel “does not mean that one is against the Jewish state,” but one might question the motives of a group such as J Street and some others… Read More

Terrorists Have No Place in Constitution

I would like to offer my comments to the May 8 editorial (“Muhammad as a Red Flag”). The “free speech” amendment was added to the Constitution because the Founding Fathers believed that discourse between people would lead to a better government. They did not envision an Islamic fanatical terrorist movement that believed in killing people… Read More

Rockin’ Seniors

Have you heard of the Invisible Generation? It is made up of citizens over 70 years of age. They are alive, active, alert, and, oh yes, they possess more wisdom than you could imagine. Have you seen 80- and 90-year-olds doing Zumba, Tai Chi, yoga, and ballet? Have you seen two 93-year-olds dancing the Lindy… Read More