Never Too Early …

It’s not too early to start planning for the High Holidays — or to think about Chanukah. Yes, I said Chanukah. This year, Chanukah is so early, it falls on Thanksgiving Day. This calendar event will not happen again in our lifetime. So, after a summer of warm weather, vacations and staycations, it’ s time to get ready for a very busy fall and early winter Jewish holiday season.

Rosh Hashanah is up first, as always. It’ s a new year, so I like to add new twists to my food. Traditional recipes help preserve our past, but putting a unique spin on a dish gives it a personal signature — and creates new traditions to honor in the future. I have included traditional recipes to get you started, along with some tips for the best ways to blend the new and the old. You may not have to start cooking yet, but you can begin by taking small steps, such as assembling your holiday guest list. Be realistic and be good to yourself.


Plum Tomatoes With Cumin-Cornbread Crumbs


Rice Pilaf With Fideo (Angel Hair) Nests


Traditional Chicken Soup With An Asian Twist

Tips & Tricks
• Try grated orange peel, orange juice in place of some water and chopped dates in your favorite challah recipe.

• Add some tiny red and green crab apples and/or old family photos on sticks (chopsticks) to your flower centerpiece.

• Manischewitz Recipe & Holiday Guide is a new app available for download on all Apple and Android devices and contains a large selection of recipes for any and every occasion and holiday.

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