The Kosher Machine

August 7, 2013
BY Maayan Jaffe
The JT examines the kashrut industry, the details and the disputes that make eating kosher complicated and sometimes costly

Kosher Style?
Wegmans boasts a large selection of kosher pre-prepared foods — but what the store means is kosher style. One reader informed the JT that she went to get food for her Orthodox son at Wegmans because she saw the large sign stating it was kosher — a sign she later learned was “misleading.”

But Wegmans store manager Rita Gibney and deli kosher manager Keith Pfeiffer disagree. They said they rarely have mix-ups, and on the countertop there is a letter explaining that the food comes in kosher certified but is prepared in the general kitchen, making it “kosher style.”

Wegmans does carry a selection of “true kosher certified” products, said Pfeiffer, noting those come pre-package and remain sealed. Otherwise, he takes the inventory and makes fresh salads and other dishes.

Among Wegmans most popular items: kosher-style chicken salad, rotisserie chickens and the Waldorf salad.

At Passover time, Wegmans goes through a koshering process. Again, noted Pfeiffer, it is not under the watch of a rabbinic supervisor, but he was once trained, and he follows the manual.

“We try to follow it as true as we can,” he said.

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