Life Cycle


Mohels- Rabbi Khakshoor, Yosef


Certified specialized mohel.


Mohels- Rabbi Rappaport, Moshe

3811 Labryinth Road
Baltimore, MD 21215
Certified specialized mohel.


Mohels- Rabbi Schur, Dr. Tsvi G.

410-585-1344, 443-929-1451

Certified specialized mohel.


Sofers- Rabbi Baalhaness, Sion

6608 Greenspring Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21209
Sofer by profession. Computer checking available. Checks, sells and repairs Sifrei Torah, tefillin, mezuzos and megillos.


Sofers- Rabbi Cotton, Joseph

6007 Western Run Drive
Baltimore, MD 21209
In-home mezuzah checking available.


Sofers- Rabbi Gholian, Hershel

7125 Boxford Road
Baltimore, MD 21215
Sales, checking and repair of Sifrei Torah, tefillin, mezuzos, and megillos. Computerized checking after Sofer checking. By appointment.


Sofers- Rabbi Spiro, Binyomin

2920 West Strathmore Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215


Sofers- Rabbi Rooshanshad, Moshe

7025 Wallis Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215

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