Life Cycle


Mikvahs- Mei Menachem

6701 Old Pimlico Road
Baltimore, MD 21209

This beautiful new mikvah is housed at the shul at the Lubavitch Center. For women only by appointment.


Mikvahs- Mikvah of Baltimore, Inc.

3207 Clarks Lane
Baltimore MD 21215
Large, modern community mikvah for women with 20 preparation rooms, two mikvot, a waiting room and a hair-drying room.


Mikvahs- Shearith Israel (Glen Avenue Shul)

5835 Park Heights Avenue
Baltimore, MD 21215
Mikvah available for men when the shul is open, and on Shabbos and Yom Tov for women. Please call for Friday night arrangements.


Mohels- Rabbi Benyowitz, Yirmiyahu

Certified specialized mohel.


Mohels- Rabbi Glenn, Avrohom

Certified specialized mohel.


Mohels- Rabbi Henesch, Michael

877-990-BRIS, 310-966-0849
Certified specialized mohel.


Mohels- Rabbi Kermaier, Dani

Certified specialized mohel.

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