Blinded by the Left

There are many of us who detest the bashing of our president, the lies foisted upon his every action (“Still Their Man,” Sept. 1). We don’t speak out as much as we could out of fear of negative retaliation. The left has the voice today. Freedom of speech is gone. It turns out that Antifa was part of the violence. Dressed in black and hooded like ISIS terrorists, they beat people who they thought were Trump supporters. Not all in the rally were Nazis or the KKK as now verified. Yet, we have religious leaders still speaking out against the POTUS saying that his reaction to Charlottesville was not clear enough. He was clear and correct. When you pick up a club to beat people, you lose all moral high ground. He is neither a bigot nor a racist. Shame on those who refuse to take off their blinders to the reality of the left-alt-fascism of today.

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