Honoring the Geneva Conventions

In the Army, I was trained to honor the Geneva Conventions. I expect my government to do the same. Israel and the United States signed the Geneva Conventions, and in the fourth Geneva Convention, article 49 says a it’s illegal to transfer civilian population onto military-occupied territory. It’s very clear, Israeli squatters are in violation of the law. It’s a good law designed to prevent countries from going to war to steal land (“When Passions Run High,” Aug. 4).

We also have laws that say we cannot sell weapons to nuclear nations that have not signed the nuclear nonproliferation treaty. Israel has nukes and has not signed. What Israel does is hold nukes over the heads of other nations that do not have nukes while urging us to attack non-nuclear nations.

We also have laws that say we cannot sell weapons to nations with a history of human rights violations. Israel has a long history of crimes against humanity.

Try bulldozing down someone’s home from Alaska to Hawaii, murder people they love in the process and then tell them it’s God’s will, and I bet Israel would probably call these Americans terrorists because they probably would react just like the Palestinian people do.

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