Museum Launches International Fellowship Program

The Museum of Jewish Heritage — A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, which serves as New York’s Holocaust Museum, has announced an international fellowship program supported by a $1,150,000 grant from the Vivian G. Prins Foundation. Prins was a successful businessman and entrepreneur who emigrated to the United States in 1938 to escape Nazi Germany.

“The foundation is proud to make this grant in honor of Bronia Brandman, a survivor of Auschwitz and one of the museum’s earliest and most steadfast volunteers,” said Jerome Manning, president of the foundation. “If Vivian were alive today, I know he would be pleased that the foundation can support the museum and pay tribute to Bronia in this way. Her testimony has played a vital role in helping to educate tens of thousands of public school students and teachers since the museum opened its doors nearly 20 years ago.”

The newly endowed Vivian G. Prins Fellowship Program will create residencies at the museum for scholars, curators, visual artists, filmmakers, researchers, writers and holocaust educators who are emigrating to the United States and seeking permanent positions in North America.

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