Boycotts Fight Oppression

By calling for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel, the Palestinians living under Israeli occupation have chosen a nonviolent way to resist the ongoing dispossession of their land and other natural resources and the brutal military occupation imposed on them by Israel’s apartheid regime (“An Impassioned Debate,” March 10).

Boycotts are a time-honored and legitimate strategy in the fight against oppression that have worked in the American South as well as in South Africa among other places. We must ask to those who oppose BDS: What other form of resistance would be acceptable to them that will finally coax the Israeli government and the Israeli society at-large to grant the Palestinians equal rights and social justice that they have been deprived of for decades?


  1. Andy says

    The narrative presented is false and erases history and context. BDS seeks to eliminate Israel entirely and is racist and anti semitic by its very nature. When the partition happened it was the Palestinians and the surrounding Arab states who refused to accept the reality of a Jewish State, “Israel”. The Palestinians and surrounding Arab countries attacked Israel and subsequently engaged in war then unmitigated and unending violent terrorism against Israel. I would hope the racist and anti semitic BDS movement would be opposed by anyone seeking justice and fairness. Peace will be achieved when the Arabs accept Israel and a legitimate Jewish state.

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