Embarrassed by Dems

In response to the “Give Trump a Chance” letter of Jan. 27:

I am a registered Democrat, and I am very upset with the current leadership of the Democratic Party. As a Baltimorean, I am frankly embarrassed by Nancy Pelosi, daughter of our former great mayor, Tommy D’Alesandro; and as a Jew, I’m very disappointed in Chuck Schumer of New York. What are these so-called leaders thinking? Our country made a very clear choice — Donald Trump. What do the Democrats not get? They lost fair and square. The country accepted Trump’s views on the economy, on immigration and on repealing Obamacare. Trump is going about implementing exactly what he said he would do. Maybe Democrats are not used to a politician doing exactly what he said he would do. Maybe they are not used to hearing the truth. We need to allow Trump to better our country. He wants to give Americans more and better jobs, improve safety, control immigration, build the military, give veterans and police the respect they deserve, reduce the uncontrollable debt and make the country fiscally responsible.

Trump is a winner and can turn this country around. Give him a chance. Democrats need to stop being crybabies. If they continue the behavior of the last few months, more and more Democrats will abandon a once-great political party. Trump will be good for America and will be good for Israel. May G-d give him the strength and wisdom to lead our country. My fellow Democrats: Grow up!

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