Columns’ Fake Facts

Both of the March 3 “From This View” columns, “Dancing on a Volcano” by Evan Tucker and “Are Female Rabbis a Threat — or Is It the OU” by Rabbi Chaim Landau, suffer greatly by using fake facts as premises for their leftist-leaning conclusions. For example, Tucker states: “The center didn’t hold because the right destroyed it”; “Pikesville is a permanent 1950s suburb …”; and, “The right would let Israel into Arab lands with guns blazing (the italic emphasis is mine; at best, these lands are disputed, not Arab). Additional examples abound. No wonder he finds it difficult to hold meaningful dialog with the right.

Even more egregious is Landau’s extension of the OU’s statement on women clergy (as it applies to its member Orthodox synagogues) to leadership positions in general. Landau also ignores the fact that other Orthodox organizations, such as the Rabbinical Council of America, have issued similar statements regarding women clergy, supporting the traditional and halachic precedence in Orthodox observance. I am not endorsing that position one way or the other but simply stating it is not just the OU that holds this opinion. Lastly, Landau ignores the OU’s statement praising the involvement of women in synagogues and other institutions and encouraging these organizations to continue to develop leadership and other influential roles for women.

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