Walk the Talk

(Photo provided)

(Photo provided)

Amanda & Noah  Isserman

First Date:
June 16, 2012, Golden West Café  in Hampden

Wedding Date:
Sept. 5, 2015

Westin Annapolis

Arlington, Va.

Favorite Activity:
Running; dining out and  the movies

In May 2012, Amanda Schnitzer traveled to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services’ Bethesda, Md., office for a meeting.

She spotted Noah Isserman. That was it.

Noah was cute, Jewish, and they interacted well.

“I was nervous,” Amanda recalled. “I had a rule that I wouldn’t date anybody at work.”

She decided they would be friends. Over time, however, she realized she really liked him.

Noah also took notice and schemed to make their pairing happen. Knowing she lived in Baltimore, he invited her and a co-worker to a former roommate’s party in Charm City. The co-worker declined.

Amanda showed up late, and she and Noah talked for a long while. A day later, Noah sent a text message, asking her to dinner. She wrote back that she was busy.

Amanda was back in Bethesda the next day, and Noah tried again. She agreed.

Noah traveled from Silver Spring, Md., to meet Amanda at the Golden West Café in Hampden. They ordered appetizer tater tots, a recurring theme for future dates, as Noah stated “only the best” for them.

Their smooth conversation revealed much in common. When they parted ways,  both were too nervous to kiss goodnight.

For six months, they kept their relationship private until Amanda’s boss ran into them at a grocery store on a Sunday morning. They spent their time together enjoying movies, walking, hiking, exploring, dining out and running half-marathons.

A year later, they moved in together, and Amanda transferred to the Washington, D.C., office. By then, Noah had become a senior policy manager for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association, a position he currently holds.

They talked about their dreams, expectations for family and the future. They went ring shopping once, and that ended abruptly when Amanda picked up a four-karat, $150,000 ring, almost causing Noah to “have a stroke.” He decided to continue on his own and had the ring shipped to his office. He carried it around for weeks and contemplated proposing at a friend’s wedding. Not to upstage their friends, he waited until the next day when they jogged around the Washington, D.C., mall loop from the Capitol building to the Lincoln Memorial.

They posed for pictures by the memorial, and when Amanda turned around, Noah suggested one more. He grabbed the ring from his pocket and knelt down. Instead of his “great planned speech,” he  admitted he wasn’t “good with words” before asking her to marry him.

They married nearly a year later on Sept. 5, 2015 at the Westin Annapolis. About 140 guests, including Jeffrey and Marlene Schnitzer and Dr. Mark and Janice Isserman, witnessed the traditional ceremony, which culminated in Noah smashing the ritual glass twice for  emphasis. The glass hangs today in a mezuzah in their home.

“He’s my other half, my best friend. I love him, and it feels right,” said Amanda, 28.

“We make each other laugh,” said Noah, 34. “I knew she was the one for me. She gets my sense of humor.”

Linda L. Esterson is an Owings  Mills-based freelance writer. For  “Beshert,” call 410-902-2305 or  email Linda.Esterson@verizon.net.

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