Suggs Appointed to Middle East Commission

Madeline Suggs, director of public affairs at the Baltimore Jewish Council, was recently appointed co-chair of the Governor’s Commission on Middle Eastern American Affairs.

The post, to one of several state ethnic committees, serves as second-in-command to the chair, Mehtap Sendur, a small-business owner on the Eastern Shore.

“It was a surprise, a very pleasant surprise,” Suggs said. “I’m very excited about it.”

The commission serves to make sure the governor is in touch with the state’s Middle Eastern community. In addition to their day jobs, Suggs and Sendur will represent the commission around the state at various community meetings and look for ways the commission and the governor’s office can be of service to the community.

The commission will also host several events a year to raise cultural awareness of the Middle Eastern community and connect the community to various resources, and Suggs said they hope to gather small-business owners to connect them to  resources as well.

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